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The group Bon Jovi has announced the release of the new album

The band Bon Jovi announced that her new album "Bon Jovi 2020” will be released on October 2, reports NME.

The original release was planned for 15 may, but due to coronavirus was moved.

In Portland arrested more than 20 people after clashes with police

Twenty-one people were detained in Portland (USA, Washington) after collisions of demonstrators with law enforcement officers, said local police.

In the night of Sunday, the police pushed the protesters, who threw her into firecrackers, bottles, bricks, rocks and paint-filled balloons.

In Washington state, the car drove into the protesters

The car drove into protesters on a closed highway in Washington state on the night of Saturday, two people were hospitalized, reported ABC News, citing the state troopers.

According to the channel, the representative of the patrol Rick Johnson reported that the car drove through the closed section of interstate 5, knocking a few people. It is noted that one person suffered life-threatening injuries, the second condition is estimated as heavy.

Trump praised the settlement of the situation in Seattle

The President of the United States Donald trump expressed satisfaction with the settlement of the situation in Seattle, where earlier the police dismantled the so-called "Autonomous zone" - a few blocks occupied by protesters.

"I'm glad that in Seattle they (local authorities) solve the problem, because they knew that we (the Federal government) are ready to enter, and they did what was necessary," said trump at the event with the participation of representatives of small and medium business "Spirit of America Showcase".

The police told about the victims in the shooting in Seattle

As a result of shooting of the captured protesters, "an Autonomous zone of Capitol hill" (CHAZ) in Seattle killed 16-year-old, another teenager 14 years injured, according to the city police Department.

The statement recalled that the shooting occurred in the early morning local time on the intersection of 12 Avenue and Pike Street. Presumably, the two Teens were in the SUV. Both were taken to the hospital, and one on the private car. Indicated that the investigators examined the jeep, but came to the conclusion that there is "trodden" that is likely to impede the investigation of the crime.

Test flights of the Boeing 737 Max will commence on 29 June

Test flight tests of the Boeing 737 Max, required for certification of the liner, will begin on Monday, June 29, reports the Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

It is noted that the flights will hold Federal office of civil aviation USA (FAA) in conjunction with Boeing. The head of aviaregister Stephen Dixon has previously said that he personally will carry out the piloting of the model to ensure its security.

Alaska found new fragments of the remains of those killed in the crash

The military has learned in the framework of excavations at colony glacier, North of anchorage, Alaska, about 480 bags with fragments of the remains of those killed in a plane crash in 1952, reports the associated Press.

22 November 1952 there was a major plane crash outside anchorage. Military aircraft C-124 Globemaster, was flying from Washington state to Alaska, crashed into a mountain Gannett. Killing 41 passengers and 11 crew members. At that time the remains of the dead could not be retrieved, and the plane together with all its contents gradually fell to the foot of the mountain, where eventually became part of the glacier. About accident actually forgotten, while military training mission have not found a yellow life raft in the glacier. In 2012, work began on the sweep of the glacier in search of human remains and wreckage.

Experts assessed the situation with coronavirus in Latin America

The number of victims of coronavirus infection in Latin America to October will exceed 388 thousand, predicts the Institute for health metrics and evaluation at the University of Washington.

According to published on the University website the forecast, by 1 October the number of deaths from COVID-19 will reach 300 388. Most deaths are projected in Brazil and Mexico, 166 and 88 thousand, respectively. In Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Peru, the number of victims, according to the University, may exceed 10 thousand, while in 15 countries, including Paraguay, Uruguay, Belize is expected to at least thousands of deaths.

In the state of Washington will introduce the compulsory wearing of masks

The Governor of Washington Jay Margie reiger announced that Friday wearing the mask will be mandatory for state residents.

Masks will be mandatory in the premises and on the street, if we fail to comply with social distance.

The head of the "Autonomous zone" of Seattle spoke about the purpose of protest

Protesters in Seattle (Washington state), who seized several districts of the city, which was renamed the "Autonomous area of Capitol hill" (CHAZ), never planned to secede from the United States, told RIA Novosti the leader of the movement David Lewis.

"Even that night, when CHAZ was released, a couple of the organizers returned to the baseball field (the area where the protesters - ed.) and explained that we are in any case not separated from America, in any case not separated from the city that it is - the organized protest, which aims to put an end to police brutality. At least in Seattle and, hopefully, in our country," he said.

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