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In Belarus began protests and clashes after the polls closed

Presidential elections in Belarus ended on Sunday, demonstrating a high turnout of 79%. After the announcement of first data of exit poll, according to which incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko wins, gaining 79.7% of the votes, the situation escalated: the voters at the call of the opposition began to gather at polling stations to "control the vote count" in some cities, arrests started, police began to disperse the protesters.

Voters could vote for one of five candidates for the presidency: it is the co-Chairman of public Association "Tell the truth" Andrey Dmitriev, ex-Deputy Anna Konopacka, the acting head of state Alexander Lukashenko, a housewife of svetalana Tikhanovski, the Chairman of the party "Belarusian social-democratic Gramada" Sergey Cerecer. At the same time Belarusians would vote against all candidates.

Pushkov said about the transformation of Poland into a base for USA against Russia

Senator Alexei Pushkov commented on the outcome of the negotiations about increase the American military contingent in Poland, noting that the country becomes a base for the United States against Russia.

Pentagon chief mark Esper stated that Washington and Warsaw have concluded negotiations on the basis of which Poland will be sent an additional one thousand us troops.

Solovyov responded sharply to the accusations of Poland in the death of Kaczynski

TV presenter and journalist Vladimir Solovyov in an interview with the portal "Ura.ru" said charges in the crash of Tu-154 of Polish President Lech kaczyński, said that Russia has nothing to do with this tragic issue.

As earlier it became known, the Polish Commission for re-investigation of the crash claims that a TNT explosion which was allegedly the cause of the crash, laid on a plane during repairs in Russia.

Poland announced new details in the case of Kaczynski plane crash

Polish Commission for re-investigation of the crash of Tu-154 of Polish President Lech Kaczynski claims that the TNT explosion which was allegedly the cause of the crash, the plane was laid during repairs in Russia.

The Tu-154 Kaczynski on 10 April 2010 crashed while landing at the airport "Smolensk-North". Onboard there were 96 persons: 88 passengers and eight crew members flying at the mourning events in Katyn. They all died. The interstate aviation Committee in 2011 issued a final report on the results of technical investigation according to which the immediate cause of the crash is recognized as the crew's decision not to leave on spare airdrome, and the system reasons - deficiencies in flight operations and crew training.

Prime Minister of Poland protested rainbow flags on the monuments in Warsaw

The Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki believes that fighters against homophobia was out of line by posting rainbow flags at the Warsaw monuments.

Last night unknown persons hung rainbow flags of the LGBT community on a few Warsaw monuments. According to police, it is, in particular, the monument to Nicholas Copernicus, Jan Ilinskomu and the Warsaw mermaid. Later, the Internet was published a Manifesto explaining that the action was carried out in the framework of the "fight against homophobia".

In Poland, charged with corruption, ex-Director of "Ukravtodor"

Former Minister of transport and water management of Poland, former Director of the Ukrainian enterprise "Ukravtodor" slavomira Novak charged with heading a criminal group and corruption, according to the district Prosecutor of Warsaw.

Earlier, Nowak was detained in Poland. The Polish General Prosecutor's office and the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine reported that he was detained by the Polish side on suspicion of corruption in the period when the head of the "Ukravtodor". Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Shimon Cross vel Senko on Monday told reporters that is not excluded by the results of Novak Ukrainian authorities, as he is a citizen of Ukraine.

The EU will continue to discuss the linkage of Finance with the principles of the rule of law

The European Council will continue to develop the mechanism for linking the issue of European funds the EU with respect to the principle of a legal state, is preparing appropriate legislation, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Earlier, the head of the European Council Charles Michel said the rule of law and European values, and climate challenges for the first time linked to the financing of the EU at the summit of Union leaders in Brussels. On the need for such a mechanism has been repeatedly stated in Berlin, Budapest and Warsaw criticize this idea. Namely Hungary and Poland, has repeatedly clashed with Brussels because of political differences, are the main addressees of this action.

"Collapse is inevitable". Will strong the Europeans are weak

In the European Union for the next crisis, and very sharp. The pandemic has seriously undermined the economy, particularly had the already weak EU members. However, strong is not in a hurry to help discussions about the budget have stalled. Why the rich don't want to share, understood to RIA Novosti.

Summits the EU has always enliven the tranquil Brussels. Filled with hotels, blocked the Central streets, the crowds of reporters around the police, in the building of Europe, where he moved five years ago, the headquarters of the organization and where the meetings take place is not overcrowded.

Eastern European countries don't want binding of EU subsidies to the legal regulations

The leaders of the countries of Eastern Europe were opposed to binding EU subsidies in the framework of the European economic recovery plan after a crisis COVID-19 to the European standards of a legal state.

According to Belgian television channel LN24, on this approach, earlier insisted the Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte in the course held in Brussels the extraordinary summit of the EU on harmonization of multi-year budget plan and Fund post-crisis recovery of the economy of the Union.

Polish MPs demanded to declare the U.S. Ambassador persona non grata

Deputies of the Polish Parliament from the Union of nationalists and eurosceptics "Confederation" demand that the U.S. Ambassador in Warsaw Georgette of Mosbacher persona non grata.

"The time has come to say that Mrs. Mosbacher - persona non grata in Poland. We urge the government to take decisive reaction on this issue. Let the government cease to pretend that the Ambassador is not behaving like a Governor in Poland" - said the Deputy of the Sejm (lower house of Parliament) Robert Vinnitsa at a press conference on Wednesday.

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