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Russian specialists in Kourou found the cause of the leak of toxic fuel

Russian technicians at the Kourou spaceport in French Guiana found the cause of the leak of toxic fuel from the upper stage "Fregat", the faulty valve sent to study in Russia, told RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of NPO Lavochkin (the enterprise "Roscosmos").

"The reason for the leakage of toxic fuel from the upper stage "Fregat" at Kourou was the fault of the valve," - said the Agency interlocutor.

NASA announced the two outputs of astronauts in outer space

Two spacewalks for NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Christopher Cassidy is scheduled to perform aboard the International space station in mid-July, reported by NASA.

Earlier in the year 2020 has already held five outlets in the us program.

Space telescope Gamma-400 will run on a "Hangar" with "East"

Astrophysical space Observatory Gamma-400 for monitoring gamma-ray sources in the Universe is scheduled to be launched by the carrier rocket "Angara" from the cosmodrome "East", told RIA Novosti scientific project Manager, chief researcher of the physics Institute Arkady'per.

In April the General Director of NPO Lavochkin, Vladimir Kolmykov told RIA Novosti that the launch of the Observatory is planned in 2030.

Left of the ISS ship "Progress" with the debris de-orbited and destroyed

Cargo ship "Progress MS-13", set sail from the International space station on Wednesday, de-orbited and destroyed in the atmosphere, Roscosmos said.

The ship "Progress MS-13" with goods arrived on the ISS in December 2019. The crew unloaded it and filled with debris. The ship undocked from the Pirs module of the Russian segment of the station on 8 July.

The ISS has set another filter to reduce the level of toxic benzene

Another carbon filter is installed in the U.S. segment of the International space station with the aim of reducing concentrations of toxic benzene in the air, said NASA.

"The crew installed a backup carbon filter to ensure additional purification of the atmosphere to further reduce the level of benzene on the ISS," - said on the NASA website.

The expert compared the Russian "Angara" and Falcon 9 Elon musk

The Russian carrier rocket heavy class "Angara-A5" is second only to the rocket, Elon musk, Falcon 9, but excels by its technical characteristics, all the other carriers in the world, said in an interview with RIA Novosti's former Director General (2005-2012) and chief designer (2009-2014) of the center of Khrunichev (manufacturer of the carrier rocket "Angara") Vladimir Nesterov.

According to Nesterov, in his time, he appealed to the leadership of the Roscosmos with the idea to start the test return of rocket blocks, but in connection with the change of leadership of the Federal space Agency and following his departure from the Khrunichev Center, the idea has not received development.

NASA Boeing indicated at 81 problem after the failed launch Cockpit

NASA has identified more than 80 problems requiring revision in the created by Boeing piloted spaceship Cockpit, the date of his re test flight is still not defined, reported by NASA on Tuesday.

In December 2019, the ship Cockpit made its first test flight without a crew. For technical reasons, its docking with the ISS was cancelled. A few months later, after a failed test, the Deputy head of NASA for manned spaceflight Douglas Loverro said that the results of its first unmanned flight Starliner experts have identified more than 60 of the issues. He noted that the ship could double to lose.

Following the Soyuz spacecraft will fly to ISS via the superfast scheme

Russian manned spacecraft Soyuz will fly to the International space station in October on a quick six-hour scheme, ultra-fast three-hour scheme will not be used, told RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of the Roscosmos.

"Ballistic flight to the ISS (orbital parameters, date and time of launch of manned spacecraft) does not allow to realize the convergence of the ISS by ultrafast three-hour scheme," he added.

ISS shied away from the chip stage of the Russian "Proton"

An exceptional correction orbit of the International space station on Friday was held to avoid a possible collision with a fragment of the stage of the Russian rocket "proton", informed RIA Novosti the representative of NASA.

Earlier Roscosmos reported that the height of the ISS orbit increased by 900 metres with the help of engines docked to the station of the cargo ship "Progress MS-14", to avoid possible collision with space debris. The Corporation did not specify what it represents and who owns this garbage.

The Electron rocket launch company, Rocket Lab have been unsuccessful

The launch Electron a private us company Rocket Lab with seven satellites from the spaceport in New Zealand proved unsuccessful, the company said.

"The problem arose today during the launch of Rocket Lab, which led to the loss of the rocket. We apologize deeply to the customers (satellites - ed.) which was a rocket Electron. The problem occurred at the end of the flight during operation of the engine of the second stage," - said in a statement on Twitter.

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