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In the state Duma hope to continue working with the new people's Council of Syria

"The friendship group with Russia" will continue to work with the new composition of the people's Council of Syria in previously established directions. The new Parliament of the SAR is able to work for change for the better in spite of difficult economic conditions, told RIA Novosti coordinator of the State Duma for relations with the Syrian Parliament Dmitry Sablin.

Elections to the people's Council of Syria will be held on July 19. The country's leadership was forced to postpone their April in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. Only in the electoral race will involve more than 1.6 thousand candidates.

Syria will increase the production capacity of pharmaceutical companies in terms of sanctions

In the face of increasing sanctions pressure on the health sector in Syria, state-owned pharmaceutical company will expand production of alternative export analogues of drugs to prevent shortages, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Deputy Minister of health of the Syrian Ahmad Lafave.

The Deputy Minister noted that the plants in Syria for the production of drugs provide most of the needs of the domestic market. The Ministry of health has expanded the list of approved alternative medicinal components to increase options to ensure and to prevent deficit.

In Iran, commented on the US sanctions against Syria

Tehran believes that Washington's sanctions against Damascus unconstructive way or another they are doomed to failure, said to RIA Novosti, the official representative of the government of Iran, Ali Rabia.

According to him, attempts by the US to undermine the economic cooperation between Iran and Syria and Lebanon talks about misunderstanding the "depth of relationship" in these countries. Commenting on the law of "Caesar", the official noted that sanctions are useless, there is nothing new.

The foreign Ministry commented on the extension of U.S. sanctions and the EU against Syria

U.S. sanctions against Syria under the so-called "act of Caesar" cripple the Syrian economy and wreak havoc on ordinary citizens, while the negative effect of unilateral sanctions cannot be compensated either by donor contributions or humanitarian exemptions, which in practice do not work, said Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Vershinin.

"Regrettable that on the eve of the conference, may 28, the EU adopted a decision to extend the illegal unilateral sanctions against Syria imposed bypassing the UN security Council. Prior to this, on 7 may, a similar decision was taken in Washington, and then, on June 17, reinforced its entry into force the so-called "Act of Caesar". In the words of this law and sanctions supposedly aimed at the protection of civilians in Syria, but in fact cripple the Syrian economy and hit ordinary Syrians," said Vershinin during the international online conference "Brussels-4". The text of his speech published on the foreign Ministry website.

The U.S. is working to expand sanctions against Syria

Washington is working on a new package of sanctions in the framework of the so-called "law of Caesar", but the dates of the introduction of new restrictions yet, said the US special envoy on Syria, James Jeffrey.

"We are actively working on a new package of additional sanctions, but until I can announce the date of their introduction. We believe that it is important to maintain pressure on the regime," said Jeffrey during an online briefing, answering the question, when should we expect the extension of the anti-Syrian sanctions in the framework of the law of Caesar.

Foreign Minister of Syria is confident that the Kurds will return to the side of the authorities

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Syria Walid Muallem expressed confidence that the Kurds will return to the side of the Syrian authorities and rebel against present in the North-East of the SAR of foreign forces.

"I am confident that in the next stage, our Kurdish brothers will return to Damascus... resistance to occupation is allowed at the international level, and our citizens in Seurata need to stand up, and then they will see the Syrian army on their side, not Vice versa," - said Muallem, answering a question of news Agency Sputnik on the planned return of control over the territories where there are Kurdish groups that cooperate with US.

In Syria, welcomed the ceasefire in Libya

Damascus welcomes the ceasefire in Libya and expresses its support for the Libyan national army led by Khalifa the Haftarot, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Syria Walid Muallem.

"We support the termination in Libya. We support the LDF led by Khalifa the Haftarot and the government in Eastern Libya," - said Muallem.

Syria is ready to confront the US sanctions

Washington is trying to deprive the Syrian population, "the last piece of bread," using sanctions as a last weapon to achieve their goals in Syria, Syria is already taking steps to counter the effects of sanctions, said the foreign Minister Walid Muallem at a press conference in Damascus.

"They are a gang of liars. Those who want the good of the Syrian people, will not encroach on a piece of bread of the Syrian people. They use its latest weapon in the fight against Syria. The real goal is to bring the people to famine, to weaken the power and to bring the situation to more terrorism, as it was in 2011," - said Muallem.