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British authorities have identified the health service additional funds

The UK government allocates extra £ 3 billion to the National health service as part of its preparation for possible second wave of the coronavirus, said Russian Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

"We provide additional funding in the amount of 3 billion pounds on the NHS in England so that she could use the hospital space in the private sector, as well as temporary hospitals. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will also receive additional funding," said Johnson at a press conference.

The UK launched a certification program for tourism security

Regional tourism offices of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales launched a program of safety certification for the tourism industry We're Good To Go (We are Ready), the press service of VisitBritian.

In developing the program involved more than 40 organizations in the tourism industry, including the Association's leading attractions and British parks.

London has not used the possibility to extend the transitional period after Brexit

The transition period after Brеxit will not be renewed - Britain has not used consistent with the EU the possibility to file a request for such extension before the expiration of June. Now the fate of future relations with the European Union is in the hands of the negotiators - that their talents will determine whether it will maintain the United Kingdom's close trade and economic links with continental Europe, or context, London and Brussels in 2021 will be built in accordance with the rules and tariffs of the WTO.

Currently, the negotiations with the EU on a trade agreement actually stopped. The British side accused Brussels of politicization of the process and demanded to change the tone. After the fourth round of parties stated that disputes, including fisheries, are preserved and recognized that have reached the maximum of what is possible with virtual negotiations. Meeting the pandemic coronavirus was conducted by video conference. Sign the agreement and ratify it required up to the end of 2020. If the document will not be accepted, the parties will spread, breaking all the relations and interaction.

The threat level from COVID-19 in Britain was lowered from the fourth to the third

The threat level from the coronavirus in the UK reduced from the fourth to the third, said transferred to the RIA Novosti statement, the surgeon General's Professor Chris whitty.

"United center on Biosafety has recommended to reduce the level of threat from COVID-19 c, the fourth level (the epidemic is widespread transmission of the virus is high or is rising sharply) to the third (widespread epidemic). Chief physicians of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have analyzed the data and agreed with the recommendation to lower the threat level to the third," - said in a statement.

In Britain allowed the citizens, since March, observing self-isolation

The British government allowed walk more than two million citizens, forced to follow a strict self-isolation because of the increased risk of Contracting coronavirus, said the Minister of construction and local government, Robert Jenrick.

Immediately after the introduction of the country's quarantine 23 March, the government ordered the most vulnerable category of citizens to move to isolation - no contact with people not to go outside, to move into a separate room of the house not shared with family members kitchen and bathroom. Such people in Britain, more than 2.2 million, all of them were sent official notification. Among the vulnerable are, in particular, those who have or had certain cancers who have undergone organ transplant, people with diabetes, autoimmune disorders, those undergoing treatment with immunosuppressive drugs. For these people, infection with coronavirus will result in extremely severe or lethal consequences.