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In the state Duma proposed to introduce the oral part of the exam in Humanities

The state Duma Committee on education and science at the meeting on Thursday supported the amendment on the introduction of mandatory oral part of the exam in the Humanities.

The idea became MP from the Communist Oleg Smolin. The initiative was offered to the bill on the educational component in education.

The grandson of Molotov suggested an amendment which would support his grandfather

The grandson of Soviet statesman Vyacheslav Molotov, head of the Duma Committee for education and science Vyacheslav Nikonov suggested that his grandfather would have approved an amendment to the Constitution on the protection of sovereignty and would be against the amendment of the continuity of history and a mention of God.

"Me nothing prevailed. Naturally, the authority of his grandfather, either. Well, do not, of course, to compare. Grandfather all the same, when the Stalin Constitution of 1936, was Chairman of the government, and I am a member of the working group on the Constitution," - said Nikonov to a journalist's question, not prevailed over it whether the figure of Molotov, when he was working on amendments to the Constitution.

Russia has increased the age limit of rectors of universities to 70 years

Amendments to the Labour code, increasing the age limit of rectors of state universities and heads of scientific organizations from 65 to 70, come into force from Wednesday.

In may, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the Federal law increasing from 65 to 70 years the age limit for heads and zamrukovoditelja educational institutions of higher education and scientific organizations.