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In Belgorod check the information about the child locked in hot cars

Investigators are checking the information to the media about the left in the car in Belgorod 35 degree heat and minor child, according to the investigative Department of the RF IC in the region.

"In the course of monitoring the Internet identified publication 4 July 2020 parked on the street Nekrasov in the city of Belgorod car, passers-by found the child locked", the message reads.

In Afghanistan rally "Candle of memory"

The action "Candle of memory" was held at the cemetery of Soviet citizens in Afghanistan, reported RIA Novosti the representative of Rossotrudnichestvo in Kabul Vyacheslav Nekrasov.

22 June 1941 is one of the saddest dates in Russian history. This day started the Great Patriotic war (1941-1945), the war of liberation of the peoples of the USSR against Nazi Germany and its allies, which is the most important and decisive part of world war II (1939-1945). At dawn on this day in 1941 Nazi Germany without declaring war attacked the Soviet Union.