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Protection accused on the case of MH17 will ask for testimony about the death of Voloshin

Protection accused on the case of the crash of flight MH17 Oleg Pulatova will request the testimony of the investigator investigating the death of a Ukrainian pilot Vladislav Voloshin, to clarify, could the death of the pilot to be connected with his role in the crash of a passenger plane, said the Dutch lawyer Sabine ten Doeschate at the court hearing on Monday.

Nineteenth March 2018 police of the Nikolaev area, Ukraine has reported that a former Ukrainian pilot Vladislav Voloshin who was suspected in the attack on the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines, had committed suicide. Name Voloshin is present in the testimony of the Ukrainian military, which takes place in Russia, a witness in the case of the Malaysian Boeing. He said that the airliner could bring down a plane piloted by Voloshin.