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Mordovia has started the second phase of the removal of restrictions

Mordovia has started the second phase of the removal of restrictions, the press service of the head region.

"The Republic has reached a watershed moment in the fight against coronavirus. In recent weeks the situation stabiliziruemost, the increase in the number of cases decreased, and increased amounts of testing. More and more people are discharged from hospitals. In these circumstances, the CPS has advised us to proceed to the second stage restrictions", - quotes the press service of the regional government the head of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov.

In Mordovia died nurse with suspected COVID-19

Nurse of the day hospital clinics in Saransk died of pneumonia, she suspected coronavirus, according to oberstab Republic.

Earlier it was reported that in Mordovia died six health care workers with a history of coronavirus: two nurses, a nurse, physician ambulance station, physician-anesthesiologist and a surgeon and chief of Department ambulance Ruzaevskiy district hospital, which I suspect COVID-19.

In Mordovia died the anesthesiologist who treated patients with the coronavirus

The anesthesiologist Andrew Lamzin who worked in the hospital of Mordovia coronavirus patients died of pneumonia, according to oberstab region.

"Andrey Ivanovich Lamzin 1962 worked as an anesthesiologist-resuscitator at GBUZ RM "Komsomolskaya TSRB" in 2004. Has the highest qualification category. From may 2020, he began to work in Covina hospital GBUZ RM "Ardatovskaya RB". Cause of death was bilateral pneumonia. Histological study of coronavirus is carried out", - said oberstab of Mordovia.

The doctor Mordovian Republican hospital died from bilateral pneumonia

The surgeon of the Republican hospital in Mordovia died from severe bilateral pneumonia, he suspected coronavirus, according to oberstab region.

Earlier it was reported that in Mordovia four health workers with COVID-19 – nurse of the Hematology Department of the Republican clinical hospital №4, the nurse of the Mordovian Republican hospital for infectious diseases, nurse onkodispansere and the doctor of the ambulance station.

In Mordovia will resume the registration of marriages from June 2

The registration of marriages is resumed in Mordovia Republic since June 2, but the Registrar will only allow brides and grooms, the official portal of bodies of state power of the Republic.

The changes the head of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov made to the decree "About introduction in the territory of the Republic of Mordovia of the mode of increased readiness and the adoption of additional measures for the protection of the population against novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19)".