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Solovyov responded sharply to the accusations of Poland in the death of Kaczynski

TV presenter and journalist Vladimir Solovyov in an interview with the portal "Ura.ru" said charges in the crash of Tu-154 of Polish President Lech kaczyński, said that Russia has nothing to do with this tragic issue.

As earlier it became known, the Polish Commission for re-investigation of the crash claims that a TNT explosion which was allegedly the cause of the crash, laid on a plane during repairs in Russia.

Solovyov ridiculed actions Zelensky at capture of hostages in luck

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov program "Sunday night" has criticized the actions of President Vladimir Zelensky, who entered into negotiations with the invader hostages.

Earlier Zelensky has fulfilled the requirements of the hostage-takers in the luck of the person, recording video and talking directly with him.

Solovyov said that Zelensky "opened the gates of hell"

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov commented the decision of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to fulfill the requirement of men who seized hostages in Lutsk, about recording a video message. Relevant post he published in his Telegram channel.

"Zelensky has fulfilled the requirements of a terrorist and has recorded a video message. A gross error. Opened the gates of hell. Now the terrorists know that the government can push. And go grip for grip," wrote the presenter.

Solovyov ridiculed the plans of Ephraim lawyer to sue him

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov broadcast your channel on YouTube has mocked recent media information that the lawyer Mikhail Efremov Elman Pashayev intends to sue him in court for the disclosure of examination results.

"Well, okay. But it is not clear what not to do. I mean, is it a lie? It is a false document?" — asked the journalist during a broadcast. He wondered what the problem is.

Solovyev showed the results of the examination in the case of an accident with Ephraim

TV host Vladimir Solovyov was published in the broadcast of "СоловьевLIVE" the results of the examination of the interior Ministry, from which it follows that on the driver's airbag of the car Mikhail Efremov found traces of DNA of the actor.

Solovyov presented the results of the examination during the conversation with the lawyer for the family of the deceased in an accident the driver Alexander Dobrovinsky.

Solovyov has sharply responded to the verdict to the former chief accountant of the "Seventh Studio"

TV presenter and journalist Vladimir Solovyov commented the decision to release from punishment the former chief accountant of "the Seventh Studio" Nina Maslyaeva in the case of embezzlement of nearly 129 million rubles.

The Meshchansky district court found Maslyaeva guilty of fraud, sentenced to two years and three months and was released from it because she's already served his sentence during the investigation phase, while in jail and under house arrest.

At cjr called unacceptable the attack on Sobchak in the monastery

The head of the Union of journalists of Russia Vladimir Solov'ev in conversation with RIA Novosti called unacceptable the attack on the crew of Ksenia Sobchak, however, noted that for journalists in such private organizations as monasteries, usually requires special permits, so the situation requires clarification.

Previously Sobchak announced that she and her crew were attacked in the monastery where she gathered the material for his investigations on chiyoumen Sergius banned from serving after saying about the "pseudopodia" coronavirus, and the beating in the monastery of children. In the diocese of RIA Novosti news Agency said earlier that the first day asked journalists not to escalate the situation, and noted that in all to understand to law enforcement. The crew Sobchak after the events in the monastery, has addressed with the statement to the police.

Solovyov has sharply responded to the apology Ephraim after the accident

Journalist and TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov said that the actor Mikhail Efremov, recording a video message to the family of the deceased in the accident with his participation, has not violated a measure of restraint in the form of house arrest.

Monday Efremov, driving an SUV, drove into oncoming traffic on Smolensk square in the city center and crashed into a van Lada. The accident killed 57-year-old driver Sergey Zakharov. The examination showed that at the time of the accident, the actor was drunk, his blood found traces of drugs. Criminal case is brought, to it threatens till 12 years. On the eve Yefremov, delivered a video message on YouTube in which he asked for forgiveness from the family of the deceased.

Solovyov called Ephraim "a bastard" after a fatal accident

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov called actor Mikhail Yefremov "bastard" "citizen killer". Such a statement aired on YouTube channel "Soloviev LIVE".

While Solovyev expressed the opinion that Efremov has actually not repented, it is only a "game".

Solovyov told a joke Elon musk about the trampoline

TV presenter and journalist Vladimir Solovyov called "Roscosmos" not to rush "response" to the joke of the head of SpaceX Elon musk on the trampoline. About this he wrote in his telegram channel.

Between the Mask and the head of "Roskosmos" Dmitry Rogozin has any correspondence debate. Since 2011 and until last Saturday, American astronauts flew to the International space station, only Russian spacecraft "Soyuz". After the imposition of sanctions against the Russian space industry, Rogozin suggested that the United States to send their astronauts to the ISS using the trampoline. The Mask company successfully launched a reusable spacecraft Crew Dragon, then the owner joked that "a trampoline works."