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Party Prime Minister of Croatia receives 66 mandates in the parliamentary elections

The ruling party "Croatian democratic Union" (HDZ) Prime Minister Andrei Plenkovich is leading in the elections to the Parliament with 66 seats (out of 151), reported the State electoral Commission (GIK) after processing the data from 97.59% of the plots.

The head of the government has declared the night a victory to his party and promised Monday to actively work in the economy, health care, strengthening democracy and institutions, promote human rights and minorities.

The Prime Minister of Croatia proclaimed the victory of the ruling party in the elections

The Prime Minister of Croatia Andrey Plenkovich proclaimed the victory of the ruling party "Croatian democratic Union" (CDU) in the recent elections to the Sabor (Parliament) of the country and noted that prior to her leadership faces major challenges.

On Sunday, Croatia held parliamentary elections. According to the electoral Commission after processing 89,41% of the plots, the center-right CDU receives 69 mandateto (out of 151), "Reset", headed by the Social democratic party close to President Zoran Milanovic, 42 mandate, "Domestic movement" of the singer and businessman Miroslav Skoro – 15 mandates.

In the Leningrad region proposed to abolish the probation period when hiring

The Deputy of legislative Assembly of Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov sent a letter to the head of the Ministry of labor Anton Kotakova (a copy is in RIA Novosti) a proposal to abolish in Russia the probationary period when applying for the job.

Writes Leningrad Deputy, employee, normally assigned to a lower salary, and he is oppressed of financial condition with the full workload.