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Lanovoy has proposed to hold a March "Immortal regiment" in the next year

People's artist of USSR, co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the movement "Immortal regiment of Russia" Vasily Lanovoy offers to hold a March in the following year, on 9 may, his words are on the website of the movement.

Earlier it was reported that a March "Immortal regiment" on July 26 will not take place.

The decision to move the March "Immortal regiment" will take on Thursday

The decision to move the March "Immortal regiment", most likely, will be taken on Thursday 16 July, said the head of the Executive Committee of the "Immortal regiment of Russia" Artem Khutorskoy.

"Tomorrow we have a meeting of the General Central headquarters – a large meeting at which this issue will be considered. We collected very detailed information from regions, including from the sanitary and epidemiological surveillance bodies and local Executive authorities on the situation in the country, and that tomorrow all of these summaries will be submitted to the staff – is, as I understand it, made a decision," he said Wednesday on the radio station "Moscow speaking".

Medina urged to modernize the universal mechanisms of diplomacy

Universal mechanisms of international diplomacy, the major powers established 75 years ago to solve global problems peacefully, we must preserve but to modernize, according to the assistant to the President of Russia Vladimir Medinsky.

Speaking on Wednesday in the Russian military-historical society at the round table, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Potsdam conference - the meeting of the heads of the leaders of the coalition, Medina said that on the basis of the agreements reached at Potsdam, and previous similar meetings in Tehran and Yalta was "created unprecedented effectiveness of the system of international relations."

The court satisfied the claim of the Medina to the "Tape.ru"

Simonovsky court of Moscow on Friday granted the petition of the assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky on the protection of honor and dignity to the online edition of "Tape.Ru" has informed journalists the lawyer Medina Elena Zabralova.

"The twenty-fifth of November 2019 at the web-site "Tape.ru" has published the article "How Medina lying Russians", in which distributed false information discrediting the honor, dignity and business reputation of Vladimir Medinsky about the fact that he supposedly "lying" to the Russians, providing them with false information," reminded Zabralova.

Medinsky spoke about the liberation of Kiev by the red army in June 1920

The liberation of Kiev by the red army from Polish invaders 100 years ago put an end to a series of numerous coups in Ukraine in those years, and allowed one of the most beautiful cities in Europe to revive and go for the creative life, said assistant to the President of Russia Vladimir Medinsky.

In his article in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" Medina recalled that one to the Polish invaders smashed Kiev. "The Polish troops retreated to Lviv and Warsaw, leaving a bad memory. Leaving from Kiev, they blew up three bridges across the Dnieper, including the Nicholas chain bridge, determined the architectural appearance of the "mother of Russian cities". In addition to bridges, the poles blew up the ancient Palace of the Governor-General," said assistant to the President.

Medina said the main lesson from the causes of both world wars

The main lesson that should be learned from the history of global conflicts is the need for honest and open negotiations between different countries, no matter how outwardly intractable nor would the differences between them, including in the economy, said RIA Novosti news Agency the assistant to the President of Russia Vladimir Medinsky.

Earlier, he addressed the students of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian foreign Ministry with a lecture on "War and peace in may 1945," which, in particular, spoke about the political and economic results of world war II.

Medina compared the film "Joker" video with the riots in the United States

Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky has posted on his Instagram a collage of videos with the unrest in the United States and part of the movie Todd Phillips ' "the Joker", Recalling his negative reaction to the Thriller when he was Minister of culture.

Previously Medina critical to the "Joker". He noted that if the picture was made in Russia, it would not have received the support of the Ministry of culture. The Minister caused a great resonance.