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In Odessa region the monument to Lenin altered in Bulgarian Trifon

The monument to Vladimir Lenin in the Odessa region of Ukraine in the framework of de-communization was transformed into a monument representing the Bulgarian Trifon, the hero of the traditional rite of winegrowers, reports on Tuesday the local Ukrainian website "Timer".

"According to the decision of village Council session to avoid the dismantling of the monument to the leader of world proletariat, it was decided to convert it into Bulgarian Trifon — hero of the traditional rite of tenants", - stated in the message.

Whether Hagia Sophia to unite the Russian and the Turks?

The Turks did the main Orthodox Cathedral of the world, Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, the mosque — Russia needs to defend the Christian faith and to punish Turkey! Sounds right?

But the Ottomans converted the Church into a mosque in 1453 after Constantinople was taken, and the place of the Roman Empire (called Byzantine) was established the Ottoman Empire, Ottoman Caliphate, until the early twentieth century who ruled a considerable part of the Islamic world.

Zyuganov said Putin's words about the Constitution of the USSR

First, both Lenin and Stalin was the formation of a unified and indivisible state, but many countries have gained independence, agreed to join the Union only if they will have the right to secede from the Union, told RIA Novosti the leader of the Communist party Gennady Zyuganov.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on air of TV channel "Russia 1" said that prescribed in the Constitution of the USSR right on secession from the Union republics, and then of the Communist party monopoly on power in the main document of the country in 1977, became a delayed-action mine.

In Germany, a monument to Lenin

A two-meter statue of the revolutionary Vladimir Lenin installed in the town of Gelsenkirchen at the initiative of the Marxist-Leninist party of Germany (MPG), it happened despite the opposition of right-wing radicals, the city administration and party, the Christian democratic Union, which includes Chancellor Angela Merkel, told RIA Novosti on the phone the official party Peter Weispfenning.

"The statue was cast in Czechoslovakia in 1957, it was the first freestanding monument to Lenin in Czechoslovakia. We bought it on ebay from a seller from Austria after the "velvet revolution" she was there. We decided to purchase it and install, because in Western Germany, there was still no one bust or statue to Lenin" - said Weispfenning.

The interior Ministry said details of the accident in Saransk, where six people were killed

One of those who in the night of the accident with six dead in Saransk car was a taxi, the second vehicle of the Samara region, survivors in the accident there, told RIA Novosti the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Mordovia.

According to the interior Ministry, the message on road accident on Lenin street in the village of Nikolaevka of the city district Saransk with participation of two cars entered 02.06. After the collision the vehicles caught fire. The accident killed six people.

Media: in Odessa region have dismantled one of the last monuments to Lenin

One of the last monuments to Lenin authorities dismantled in the village Vinogradovka of Bolgrad district of Odessa region of Ukraine, reported the Ukrainian edition "the Left coast" with reference to the village Council.

It is noted that recently the local police filed two criminal cases in connection with violation of the law on decommunization.