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Delegation of European politicians arrived in the Crimea

The delegation of the European politicians and experts arrived in Crimea on a working visit, said the head of Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov.

"The delegation of the European politicians and international experts arrived on a working visit to Crimea. The delegation consisted of nine people, including five French members of the European Parliament", - told RIA Novosti Konstantin.

The delegation of MEPs will visit the Crimea on a three-day visit

The delegation of French deputies of the European Parliament, will visit Crimea on a three-day visit, told RIA Novosti the head of Committee of the Crimean Parliament's public diplomacy and international relations Yuriy gempel.

According to him, will lead the delegation, MEP, member of the Committee on foreign Affairs, President of the Association "Franco-Russian dialogue" Thierry Mariani.