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Experts say that the article about the sensors on the "Turkish stream" fabrications

Russia has the technology of creation of the deep detectors of submarines, but to place them on the gas pipeline "Turkish stream" and "Blue stream" makes no sense because of the noise, according to respondents RIA Novosti military experts.

So they commented on a study conducted by the Ukrainian magazine "black sea security" with the participation of ex-Navy commander Serhiy Haiduk. It says that Russia allegedly places the equipment for tracking the opponent's weapon on objects of the gas pipeline "Turkish stream" and plans to install it on the "Blue stream".

The Admiral told how to respond to the purchase of boats from USA

Russia will be able to easily answer the acquisition of Ukraine of 16 new patrol boats from the United States, it needs to strengthen the item-based in Temryuk missile and artillery weapons, and place in the Azov sea more boats and trawlers, said former black sea fleet commander (1998-2002), Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov.

He commented on the publication of the fact that in response to the strengthening of the Ukrainian Navy American boats Mark VI Russia needs to consider the creation of the Azov flotilla in the black sea fleet. The United States decided to sell Ukraine 16 patrol boats Mark VI, armed with artillery and missiles AGM-176C Griffin B (Block II).

"In front of them vulnerable, any Armada": what weapon has staked Russia

Compact, stealth, maneuverability and Arsenal, firepower comparable to a large armament of destroyers and cruisers in the sea is being tested, another small rocket ship project 22800 "Odintsovo". The Navy will get eighteen such MRK — they will be distributed between the Baltic, black sea and Pacific fleets. About the fighting capabilities and tactics of the rocket "kids" in the material RIA Novosti.

Small missile ships of the project 22800, or "black widow" began to develop in the 2010s, the first model introduced in 2015. According to the classification of IRAS refer to the ships of the third rank or small corvettes: length — 70 meters width — 11 meters, full load displacement — a total of 870 tons. "Widow" — the continuation of the IRS's previous generation of "Buyan-M" existing in the Baltic sea and the Caspian sea.