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The Finance Ministry said about the lack of risks to debt stability in Russia

The Finance Ministry currently sees no risk of loss of debt sustainability Russia, said the Director of the Department of state debt and state financial assets of the Ministry Konstantin vyshkovsky.

The head of the Department added that the Ministry of Finance pays close attention to the cost of borrowing and distribution of the debt burden over the years.

The Ministry of Finance more than doubled increase borrowing in 2020

The Ministry of Finance will increase the volume of borrowing in 2020 more than doubled - from 2.3 trillion to five trillion, said Deputy Minister Vladimir Kolychev.

The net amount of borrowing (placement minus debt service costs) in the budget for 2020 were laid in 1.7 trillion rubles.

The Ministry explained why I try not to spend NWF

The Finance Ministry has accumulated in the national welfare Fund (NWF), more than 12 trillion rubles, however, to Finance overheads prefers to increase borrowing, rather than spending the resources of the Fund, as it sees risks, including stability of the ruble, said Deputy Finance Minister Vladimir Kolychev.

The amount of the Fund on June 1, was 12,161 trillion rubles.

The Finance Ministry has no plans to change the currency structure of the NWF

The Finance Ministry has no plans to change the currency structure of the national welfare Fund (NWF), Deputy Minister of Finance Vladimir Kolychev.

"I think we all realized. That is, we did it more like the structure of foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank. Additional changes not yet discussed", - he told journalists, answering the question about the change in the currency structure of the Fund.

Experts explained calls for the demolition of the monument to Baranov in Alaska

Advocating for the demolition of the monument to Alexander Baranov in the American city of Sitka (Alaska) are not able to fully understand the diversity of aspects of the history of Russian settlements in North America, told RIA Novosti the representatives of three non-governmental organizations.

Earlier, a group of residents of Sitka has proposed to remove from the centre of the monument the Governor of Russian settlements in North America in the late XVIII - early XIX centuries, Alexander Baranov. Most speakers for the demolition of the statue belongs to the indigenous people of trincity. The coordination Council of Russian compatriots of the USA (CARS) made an online petition against plans to demolish the monument. Mayor Gary Paxton told RIA Novosti that local authorities will consider the fate of the monument in July or August.