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The dog handler explained how to choose a pet name

The Russian cynological Federation (RKF) gave advice on the choice of a name for dogs: it should be short and easy to pronounce.

According to him, the most likely source of inspiration are the names of famous people. "Someone names a pet after his favorite actor or the main character of the series, others prefer names of famous rulers. You can also stay in the name of the country of origin of the breed of your pet, or pick up in tune with the name the puppy's parents nickname," - said the expert.

The handlers gave advice on how to travel with a dog

The Russian cynological Federation (RKF) shared with RIA Novosti useful tips for those who decided to travel with a dog.

"For many of us a dog is a full-fledged member of the family who cannot be left at home or in the zoo hotels when I travel. Many believe that to take your pet with you on a long journey too troublesome or even impossible, but it is misleading," said RIA Novosti President of RKF Vladimir Golubev.