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The head of the Central election Commission of Belarus intends to make online in the election day of the President

The head of the CEC of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina has told RIA Novosti that on August 9, her statement on the presidential elections are scheduled online, without a wide range of journalists, because of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19.

In Belarus on the day of presidential and parliamentary elections in the small hall of the Palace of the Republic, which is located in the center of Minsk, according to tradition, until late at night working press room for journalists. Thus every few hours for the media press conference she holds herself or her Deputy, they present data about the voting, complaints, closing polling stations to answer questions. After midnight announced the preliminary results of the elections, the next morning held the final press conference of the CEC and make the statement of the international observation mission.

ODIHR is waiting for the invitation to observe the elections of the President of Belarus

Office for democratic institutions and human rights OSCE (ODIHR) waiting for an invitation from the Belarusian authorities to observe elections of the President of the Republic, told RIA Novosti in the Warsaw office of the Organization.

Presidential elections will be held in Belarus on 9 August. In the political campaigns 19 of the June 13 presidential candidates in getting signatures for his nomination candidates. At least for registration is 100 thousand valid signatures. The decision on registration of candidates will be taken by the CEC.