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Public men in the United States spoke on the policy concerning immigrants

Lawyers and community organizations in the United States speak about the General tightening of policies against immigrants. The administration of Donald trump for several years has imposed restrictions on immigration, which only worsened on the backdrop of a pandemic coronavirus. Many initiatives are stuck in the Federal courts. However, most of the decisions in which human rights defenders perceived tyranny, often by a simple workers of border services, "guarding" the border of the United States. So committed in his youth the error of a citizen of one of the former Soviet republics have cost her months of imprisonment and may ultimately result in the deportation, despite the presence of her green card, told RIA Novosti lawyer representing its interests.

S. S. (name limited to initials at the request of the family) the last 20 years. She lived in USA for many years, since 2011, has a green card - permanent residence in the United States. She's in College and works part-time at the restaurant. C. C. is the co-owner of the house where her family lives, helps parents, drives a car, which entered into a lease agreement with the Bank.

Virginia residents e-mailed the unknown seeds

The government of the U.S. state of Virginia has recommended to local residents not to plant received by mail seeds of unknown type, which presumably came from China and can be the seeds of invasive plant species.

As reported in a press release on the website of the Department of agriculture of the state (VDACS), the office has received reports that "several residents of Virginia received an unsolicited parcel of seeds, which seem to originate from China".

In the US, protesters tore down another monument to the Confederacy in Richmond

The protesters in the us city of Richmond, Virginia, was demolished monument erected in 1892 in honor of the artillery units of the Confederacy during the Civil war, reports the Washington Post.

Around 11 PM local time (6 a.m. GMT), according to the publication, the demonstrators climbed up on the monument depicting the artillery during the Civil war, and pushed him off the podium. He became the third Confederate monument, torn down by the protesters since the beginning of protests in Richmond, which was the capital of the South.

In two cities in Virginia, protesters tore down statues of confederates

The participants of the protests in the us city of Richmond (Virginia) demolished the monument to the President of the Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis, in Portsmouth (Virginia) demonstrators pulled down from the pedestal of one of the four statues at the Monument of the Confederacy during the Civil war in USA (1861-1865), local media reported.

As reported by CBS channel 6 Richmond, monument Davis demonstrators piled on the ground in the evening on Wednesday (Thursday GMT). At the scene, police are present. On the eve protesters in Richmond demolished the monument to Christopher Columbus and threw him in the lake.

In the US the protesters demolished the monument to Columbus and threw him in the lake

Protesters in Richmond, Virginia, demolished the monument to Christopher Columbus and threw him into the lake, according to local TV station WRIC.

As reported, on Tuesday evening in the Park Byrd Park were about a thousand protesters. Initially the protest was peaceful. According to eyewitnesses, in the area of 20.30 local time (03.30 MSK medium) protesters with the help of three ropes tore down the monument from the pedestal, then dragged the statue located in the Park lake and threw her in the water.

The leader of the "Ku Klux Klan" was detained in the US for hitting on the protesters

Authorities Enrico County, Virginia, arrested the leader of a right-wing organization "Ku Klux Klan" for hitting on the protesters, he was charged, informs local edition of the Henrico Citizen.

A man driving a car drove into a group of protesters on Sunday evening, as a result one person was injured. He was assisted at the scene of the incident.

In Richmond, the court banned within ten days to demolish the monument to Robert E. Lee

A judge in Richmond, Virginia issued a ruling prohibiting the leadership of the state to demolish a monument to the commander of the slave States during the Civil war, General Robert E. Lee within 10 days, according to local TV station WTVR.

Earlier it was reported that the Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam said in a press conference that ordered to remove the famous statue of General Robert E. Lee. The decision was made amid ongoing protests and riots after the death in Minneapolis of the African-American George Floyd at the hands of white police.

In the US, protesters tore down the monument to Civil war General to Wickham

Protesters in the state of Virginia tore down the monument to army General Williams Carter Wickham, who fought on the Confederate side during the civil war in the United States, reports CBS6.

According to the TV station, the protesters threw 129-year-old statue from the pedestal during protests Saturday night. The pedestal of the statue, the demonstrators painted graffiti.