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Experts have identified the place depicted in the last painting by van Gogh

Art historians have identified the exact spot depicted in the last painting of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh's "tree Roots", The Guardian reports.

Similarities in 1890 with the real landscape near the French town of Auvers-sur-Oise, it was noticed with postcards of the early twentieth century. She first drew the attention of the Director on scientific work of the Institute van Gogh Wouter van der Veen.

In Tokyo opened international exhibition of painting

The first after the lifting of state of emergency a major international exhibition of paintings, which was the collection of the national gallery in London, takes place in Tokyo with a delay of three months and new ones dictated by COVID-19, rules. How did you manage to combine the exhibition in a confined space in compliance with all the precautions and what came of it, found out the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Posters announcing the exhibition of the national gallery in London, appeared in Tokyo since the end of last year. She was supposed to open March 3, but due to the spread of a new coronavirus infection since the end of February and then the introduction of state of emergency the long-awaited opening was late for three months. The organizers of the exhibition had to solve a difficult problem: how to avoid the accumulation of large numbers of people in a confined unventilated space – the inevitable conditions of any exhibition and at the same time the most dangerous from the point of view of the spread of coronavirus.

Discovered pictures of the stolen paintings by van Gogh

Pictures of the stolen paintings by van Gogh "Spring garden. The garden of the priest in Nuenen in spring" was discovered in the criminal world, said Dutch detective, investigating crimes in the sphere of art, Arthur the Brand on his Twitter page.

"Urgent: Proof (picture – editor) van Gogh, recently stolen in Laren, live. Outstanding painting circulating in mob circles. My theory is that this was a copycat theft (two paintings – ed.) van Gogh Octave Durham in 2002, it seems now even more likely: his book next to the picture," wrote the detective in Twitter, attaching two photographs.