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The witness of the death of Tsoi revealed details of the tragedy

The witness of the accident, which killed the rock musician Viktor Tsoi, told the NTV channel about the new details of the tragedy.

The woman who called herself Parsley, lives a hundred meters from the place where the crashed Choi. According to her, she witnessed the car Tsoi swept past her house at high speed, then abruptly jumped into the oncoming lane and crashed into the bus. Parsla noted that the blow was of such force that the engine of the car flew to the tree.

Alexey Uchitel: it remains to wonder what Choi wrote, in our days

The leader of the group "Kino" Viktor Tsoi at concerts had a mystical effect on the audience, the political meaning of his songs do not lose their relevance today, we can only wonder what Choi wrote, in our days, told RIA Novosti Director of the film "Choi" Alexey Uchitel.

"We met with Victor in 1987, when I was shooting the documentary "Rock." Heroes I had five: Boris Grebenshchikov (leader of group "Aquarium" - ed.), Yuri Shevchuk (leader of group "DDT" - ed.), Oleg Garkusha (the leader of the group "Auktyon" - ed.), Timur Novikov (painter - ed.) and Viktor Tsoi. I chose the most silent of them – Victor and offered to come to him in the boiler room with a camera and asking questions, to shoot it there. He worked the entire shift. We spoke with him, I took his speech, was friends with his wife Mariana, later also filmed his son Sasha for the film "Last hero". Victor was a person, quite introverted, but at concerts he was transformed and had a mystical impact on the viewers. It was already clear that this extraordinary personality, but to imagine that 30 years after his death he will remain a cult figure, I could not. This is its uniqueness, its phenomenon," - said the Teacher.

Prigogine called 90% of modern Russian music slag

Producer Joseph Prigogine in an interview with "Moscow speaking" expressed the opinion that music in Russia has ceased to be a profession and became a business.

According to the producer, there are now a lot of musicians, and sometimes he can't distinguish one artist from another.