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The interior Ministry of Belarus, told observers from the CIS on elections

The mission of CIS observers in the elections of the President of Belarus met with the leadership of the interior Ministry, which told about the measures taken for ensuring law and order during the election campaign, said on Wednesday the headquarters of the mission.

According to the report, "July 29, 2020 in Minsk hosted a meeting of the chief of staff of mission of CIS observers at the presidential elections in Belarus by Viktar Huminski, Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Republic Alexander Barsukov".

In the Supreme court of Belarus, told about the electoral complaints

Deputy Chairman of the Supreme court of Belarus Andrei Zabara informed representatives of the mission of observers from the Commonwealth of Independent States on the complaints related to the campaign for the election of the President of the Republic, noting that the judiciary in this case "is built on the principles of transparency and efficiency", said Tuesday the press service of the CIS Executive Committee.

"The twenty-eighth of July 2020 took place in Minsk meeting of representatives of mission of observers from the CIS on presidential elections of the Republic of Belarus with representatives of the Supreme court of the Republic of Belarus Andrei Zabara told about the activities of the Supreme court and lower courts for consideration of complaints related to the issues of the election campaign, emphasizing that the judiciary is built on the principles of transparency and efficiency", - stated in the message on the website of the Executive Committee.

Russia's Ambassador in Minsk called upon the CIS countries to unite on the background COVID-19

Russian Ambassador in Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev called on CIS States to cohesion against the background of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, according to him, this situation "reshapes" external markets and forces, leaders of several countries in another way to articulate their interests, to achieve a "new positioning".

Mezentsev on Wednesday participated in the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Our common Victory" in the Belarusian state Museum of the great Patriotic war, it is dedicated to the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory. The exhibition presents materials on the participation of representatives of all the Commonwealth countries in key military operations (Battle for Moscow, Stalingrad, Kursk, Battle of the Dnieper, operation "Bagration") as well as on other aspects of life of the CIS countries in the period of the partisan movement, Soviet rear seal.