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The flight "Moscow - Ulan-Ude" villages in Irkutsk due to smoke passenger

The aircraft of the airline "Victory" flight "Moscow - Ulan-Ude" has made an emergency landing in Irkutsk because of to smoke passenger, told RIA Novosti, familiar with the situation source and confirmed the representative of the company.

A company spokesman confirmed to RIA Novosti that information.

"Victory" was in its fleet of Boeing 737-800

Low-budget airline "Victory" received 31 Boeing 737-800s, three of these aircraft will be delivered in the company's fleet during the week, the expanding fleet will increase the schedule of around 30 flights a day, reported the press service of the company.

"Loukoster "Victory" on Tuesday received 31 of the Boeing 737-800. Another three aircraft will be delivered in the fleet in a week", - stated in the message.

"Victory" has started the sale of tickets for July

Low-budget airline "Victory" has started the sale of tickets in July, said in the company newsletter for passengers.

"Victory" begins a large sale of tickets for July", - is spoken in the message. As specified, the tickets will cost from 999 rubles.

"Winning" resumes flights after a two-month break due COVID-19

Low-budget airline "Victory" (enters into group "Aeroflot") on Sunday resumes flights after a two month break due to pandemic coronavirus, related restrictions, and reducing air transportation.

"Victory" suspended all flights on 1 April. As reported by the press service of the airline, the suspension operating activities was to allow the carrier to focus resources on anti-crisis program and preparation for the resumption of flights.