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Putin will hold a meeting on the ecological situation in Irkutsk region

Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold on Thursday a meeting on the ecological situation in the city of Usolye-Siberian the Irkutsk region and will meet with the acting head of the region Igor Kobzev, told journalists the press-Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

"Talking about ecology, talking about the meeting on the situation in the city of Usolye-Siberian. It's in the Irkutsk region. The initiator of the meeting was the acting Governor of the Irkutsk region Igor Kobzev. This was a fairly troubled town, there were many enterprises of the chemical, they were very harmful emissions, it's all stockpiled, and it all happens in the last decades, it is somewhere in the 40-50 (years - ed.)", - said Peskov.

The government will help people involved in fighting wildfires

Nutrition for people involved in extinguishing wildfires in Russia, will be free, this money will allocate from the Federal budget, said the head of the government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin.

"The forest fires across the country. At the last operational meeting with Deputy Prime Minister we discussed this subject Victoria V. Abramchenko raised the issue of free meals for people who are involved in fighting forest fires. The issue has been resolved, food will be provided at the expense of the Federal budget," - said Mishustin on Monday at a meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers.

Named the regions that will receive the greatest help to fight the fires

Yakutia, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Buryatia, Transbaikalia and the Khabarovsk region will receive most funds from the reserve Fund of the Russian Federation on suppression of forest fires, according to the FFA.

As previously noted in the Department, summer of 2020 will include five years with the highest number of ignitions and difficulty of suppression.

Abramchenko assessed the situation with forest fires

Forest fires, currently on Russian territory, pose no threat to the population and the economy, said the Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko, at a meeting with Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina.

"Thanks to the coordinated work of Federal and regional services for combating fires and threat to human life and economic facilities are absent. Our firefighting forces managed to quickly eliminate fire," - said Abramchenko.

The state Duma adopted the law on oil spills

The state Duma plenary session on Tuesday adopted a law on oil spills, which will require companies engaged in the extraction, storage and transportation of petroleum products, have a reserve of funds in the accounts, Bank guarantee or insurance from oil spills.

The bill was introduced in the state Duma in January 2018 and adopted in the first reading in March of the same year. However, the environment Committee then made a number of comments. Key among them was the absence in the bill of specific mechanisms to establish financial guarantees for the prevention and liquidation of oil spills on land. Also, the bill was not disclosed, as relate to the plans for oil spill response plans of action for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations was noted by the Committee. In early June, after the situation with the oil spill in Norilsk, the Committee asked the Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko to accelerate the introduction into the state Duma amendments to the bill. Last week the government introduced amendments to the bill.

In the state Duma will introduce a bill on liability for oil spills

The bill, which requires companies to have a plan oil spill contingency and funding will be submitted to the Duma in June, said Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko.

"This bill passed by the state Duma in the first reading, we have prepared amendments for the second reading. They all agreed, and we bring them to the government on legislative activities Monday, June 22, before the meeting of the government Thursday, June 25, and introduced to the state Duma. In this session, we will ensure the adoption of such proposals," - said Abramchenko during an online meeting with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin criticized the work of the control of departments of state control in Norilsk

Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the oversight agencies during the state of emergency in Norilsk and asked Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko to carefully analyze the situation, to prevent this from happening.

"I ask you, Victoria Valerievna, and even look at all of our respective organizations and structures of control. Where were they then? Here I saw the same as the fuel went on the ground. Why not needs, timely response to events? It forces us to consider how, in practice, organized our work," he said.

The program of preferential rural mortgage will receive two billion rubles

The program of preferential mortgage in rural Russia in 2020 will receive 2 billion rubles, therefore, its funding this year will triple, said the Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko.

"The practice of the first months of preferential agricultural mortgage demonstrated that the program - the demand from citizens is several times higher than the annual plan of granting such concessional loans. Therefore, the amount of financing of the project will be increased three times - "Rural mortgage" will allocate 2 billion rubles," - said Abramchenko, quoted by the press service of Deputy Prime Minister.

Rosprirodnadzor will check large enterprises on the risks of environmental PE

Specialists of Rosprirodnadzor to the end of the year check large industrial enterprises on the possible risks of an environmental emergency, said the head of the Department Svetlana Radionova.

Earlier instructions to check the industrial enterprises on environmental risks and environmental compliance was given by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The reason for this order was a diesel spill at CHP-3 in Norilsk.

The company will be obliged to repair the damage to nature after the closure of their businesses

Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko instructed to establish a working group to prepare a bill requiring owners of industrial enterprises to eliminate the consequences of the negative impact on the environment after decommissioning, its conservation or liquidation, the text of the order is available to RIA Novosti.

According to the instructions, the bill should be drafted by June 22 of this year.