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The Admiral commented on the words on the readiness of naval forces of Ukraine fighting with Russia

The combat strength of the naval forces of Ukraine is mainly represented by boats, which will not be enough to cause serious damage to the Russian infrastructure, said RIA Novosti black sea fleet commander (1996-1998) and chief of staff of the Navy of Russia (1998-2005), Admiral Viktor Kravchenko.

Earlier, the commander of naval forces of Ukraine Oleksiy Neiipp said about preparing to full-scale warfare against Russia. According to the commander, his country would lose a lot of the military and the civilian population. In addition, he mentioned the Ukrainian missile complex "Neptune", which, according to Neiipp, maybe from mainland Ukraine to get to Sevastopol.

The Admiral appreciated the readiness of the black sea fleet to reflect the potential threat from Ukraine

To create the Azov flotilla in the black sea fleet (BSF) no need of forces and means of the fleet is enough to neutralize any possible threat in his area of operational responsibility, including the Ukrainian Navy in the sea of Azov, said RIA Novosti former chief of staff of the Navy of the Russian Federation (1998-2005), Admiral Viktor Kravchenko.

He commented on the publication of the fact that in response to the strengthening of the Ukrainian Navy American boats Mark VI Russia needs to consider the creation of the Azov flotilla in the black sea fleet. The United States decided to sell Ukraine 16 patrol boats Mark VI, armed with artillery and missiles AGM-176C Griffin B (Block II).