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The court fined defrocked father Sergius in the case of inciting hatred

The court in Verkhnyaya Pyshma of the Sverdlovsk region was fined 18 thousand rubles defrocked schemamonk Sergius (Nicholas Romanov) charged with the initiation of them hate.

"Recognize Romanov Nikolai guilty... and assign administrative punishment in the form of an administrative fine in the amount of 18 thousand rubles," announced the judge. Stream sessions were conducted in the Verkhnyaya Pyshma city court page in the social network "Vkontakte".

In the Sverdlovsk region, lit up the hangar

The hangar on the area of 1 thousand square meters is burning near Yekaterinburg, the fire is localized, said on Thursday GUMCHS on Sverdlovsk area.

"In 15.54 (13.54 MSK) received a report of a fire in the town of Verkhnyaya Pyshma. On October street, 27A lit hangar, which is recycled. Large combustible loading contributed to the rapid spread of fire. The preliminary fire area is 1 thousand square meters. 16.54 in (14.54 GMT) the fire is localized, the threat of spread of fire liquidated", - stated in the message.

The diocese was forbidden in service approximate schemamonk Sergius

Several clergy temporarily banned the service in the Sverdlovsk region because of the support of schemamonk Sergius (Nicholas Romanov), told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Yekaterinburg diocese.

Before the ban in the Ministry of the clergy has repeatedly warned that it can happen. The rest left the monastery in June after the abbess Varvara, is a legitimate, appointed by the Synod, the Director of Sredneuralskaya convent.

The court will consider new case schemamonk Sergius of incitement on 20 July

The court in the town of Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Sverdlovsk region, July 20, will consider an administrative case on the incitement of hatred or enmity with respect to schema-monk Sergius (Nicholas Romanov), it follows from the records of the court.

The spiritual father and founder of Sredneuralskaya convent father Sergius found himself in the spotlight after he began to speak in sermons that COVID-19 - a "pseudopodia" that Russians want to put in the "e-camp of Satan", "the wicked put on the self-isolation", deprived of "freedom and work". The diocese deprived him of his right to preach, but the cleric did not listen and continued in sermons to encourage the congregation to take to the streets and protest. Because of this, the ecclesiastical court stripped him of his dignity. In the administrative case about the dissemination of incorrect information he was fined 90 thousand rubles.

SC opened a case after the death of a child on a lake in the Sverdlovsk region

Investigators opened a criminal case on the provision of services that do not meet safety requirements, after the death of a child on a lake in the Sverdlovsk region, according to Wednesday reports SUCK in the region.

Nine-year-old boy went missing on the evening of 7 July. Police officers in the study of the shooting from surveillance cameras saw the boy then approaches the pond, then runs away, then his trace is lost. The search for the child was engaged in police, emergency and investigators. He was later found dead in the waters of the reservoir.

The court fined defrocked father Sergius for the distribution of fakes

The court in Verkhnyaya Pyshma of the Sverdlovsk region was fined 90 thousand rubles defrocked schemamonk Sergius (Nicholas Romanov) for distributing unreliable information.

During the meeting, the lawyer Sergius claimed that in the materials there is no evidence of deliberate dissemination of the information in the network, therefore asked to discontinue the proceedings. He schemamonk at the meeting did not appear.

In the Sverdlovsk region told about the condition of patients with COVID-19

Ninety patients with coronavirus in the Sverdlovsk region are in serious condition, said on Monday the operational headquarters of the region for the prevention COVID-19.

A day in the region was 233 new cases COVID-19.

In the Urals started administrative proceedings to deny COVID-19 priest

The administrative case of dissemination of false information was brought against chiyoumen Sergei (Nicholas Romanov) from the Sverdlovsk region, who called to break the isolation and called coronavirus the "pseudopodia", the court will consider it on June 23, the press-service of regional court.

Earlier the diocese was deprived of Sergius the right to preach after he during a sermon said that Russians want to put in the "e-camp of Satan", "the wicked put on the self-isolation", deprived of "freedom and work" and urged his parishioners to go out. Despite the ban, soon appeared on YouTube the next speech of the priest, in which he again criticized the closing of temples "because of pseudopodia" coronavirus.