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Ed Sheeran told about addiction is faced, when famous

British musician ed Sheeran in an interview with The Sun spoke about the subject, faced when he became famous.

According to the artist, it was difficult to cope with fame, so he started to abuse junk food and alcohol.

In Venice the water festival without the traditional fireworks

Festival on the waters of the lagoon of Venice - Festa del Redentore (the"feast of the Savior") - this year passes without a colorful fireworks and without the traditional influx of tourists.

City hall "the Pearl of the Mediterranean" last week, decided to do without the fireworks show over the Giudecca canal, not to create crowds on the banks of the main Venetian canals. According to local sources, the city authorities wavered in this decision to the last - we can say, conquered caution, especially in light of the small increase in the number of coronavirus infections in the last days.

The introduction of fees for entry to Venice postponed

The introduction of special fees for entry to Venice, which was supposed to begin to charge tourists 1 July, has been postponed indefinitely because of the serious consequences of the pandemic COVID-19, reported Tuesday RIA Novosti member of the municipal Council of the city of the famous Giovanni Giusto.

The decision about paid entrance to Venice, which is included in the list of world heritage of UNESCO, was adopted by the municipal Council in February 2019. This was another attempt by local authorities to restrict the huge flow of tourists, annually overflowing the "Pearl of the Mediterranean". So, in April 2018 in Venice by order of the mayor Luigi Brugnaro was first introduced "urgent measures" to regulate the access of tourists by installing a special turnstiles at the main entry points to the city.

Tourists kicked out of Venice for bathing the Grand canal

In Venice two German tourists who swam in the Grand canal, fined and expelled from the city, according to CNN.

"The two men disrobed beside the Rialto bridge, leaving his things there. They jumped into the water and swam, crossing the Grand canal," — said a police spokesman. — They were fined 350 euros each, and they had to temporarily leave the city."