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In Venezuela for another month extended a state of emergency due to coronavirus

The government of Venezuela for the fourth time has extended by 30 days a state of emergency introduced in the Republic of 13 March to combat the spread of coronavirus infection of the new type.

The introduction of emergency March 13, allowed the Maduro government to take emergency measures to fight the epidemic, a new coronavirus and to establish in Venezuela a national quarantine since March 17. The action of the emergency mode, according to the new decree, will continue until August 10.

Venezuela's Parliament has accused the EU's legitimization of aggression against the country

The national constituent Assembly of Venezuela urged the European community to abandon interventionism and called it shameful and immoral recent extension of sanctions against the Republic's leadership.

"We approved today, July 10, the European Parliament resolution 2019/295 is shameful and immoral document prepared by the right-wing elites who by criminal policy of the United States government abusing their parliamentary powers to legislate criminal aggression against the people of Venezuela," reads the statement of the Parliament, published edition of the Venezuela Extra.

The Minister of oil of Venezuela contracted the coronavirus

Vice-President for economy and oil Minister of Venezuela, Tarek El-Aissami reported to have contracted the coronavirus.

"Today I started the insulation in accordance with ambulance protocols, after receiving a positive test result for COVID-19", - he wrote in Twitter.

The speaker of Parliament of Venezuela, said that sick COVID-19

The head of the National constituent Assembly of Venezuela Diosdado Cabello said on Twitter that she was infected with the novel coronavirus and is already in isolation.

President Nicolas Maduro, speaking on television, wishing ally a speedy recovery and reported that it had normal health.

Maduro called the actions Bolsonaro irresponsible madness

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, commenting on the spread of a new coronavirus on the continent, called the record of Brazil, a consequence of the irresponsible madness of the country's leader Jairo Bolsonaro.

He reminded about the situation that triggered the latest scandal — Bolsonaro, apart from journalists, took off his mask for the last frame treatment that he confirmed the new coronavirus.

The Venezuelan military has shot down an unidentified American plane

The strategic command of the armed forces of Venezuela (CEOFANB) reported to "neutralize" the plane with tail number USA, which violated the country's airspace.

"CEOFANB reports that the United Command of the aerospace defense discovered in the night of July 8 into the air space of the country the aircraft tail number USA and neutralized him, according to the law, planes of our military aviation", - stated in the message command in the microblog in Twitter.

Switzerland joined the EU sanctions against Venezuelan officials

Switzerland joined the EU sanctions against some Venezuelan officials, said in a statement published on the website of the Federal Council (government) of the country.

The decision to expand the list of persons under sanctions was made the day before, and entered into force on 7 July. The list includes, in particular, senior officials of the National Assembly of Venezuela, the Supreme court and the Constituent Assembly.

In Venezuela oil refinery fire

In the state of Falcon in the North-West of Venezuela started a large fire in the oil refining center of Paraguana, according to local media, burning refineries "Cardon".

"Fire on the installation of catalytic refinery "Cardon" in Punto Fijo, state of Falcon. From 11 a.m. firefighters are battling a fire at one of PDVSA refineries, producing gasoline," reported the publication Diario in the microblog in Twitter.

Trump announced last battle for America. Why it won't work

In "America's birthday", July 4, Donald trump had to say some kind of "throne speech" and to congratulate the Americans with their main holiday, but stood in front of him choose to try to take the path of national reconciliation and preservation of some (illusory) political propriety, or to choose the path of maximum political confrontation, which could end the present civil war. The choice that stood before the President of the United States, can be formulated in terms of the recent history of one of the neighboring with Russia, "nedogosudarstva". Trump had to give a public answer to the question: "to Be Yanukovych or not to be?" — the only amendment that the U.S. President has no real estate in Rostov, and to change gilded, pretentious interiors of the Trump Tower in new York city to something else it will hardly be desirable.

The US President has chosen the most aggressive option — and for the past two days the American media vote on that his performance was "dark and separating". So there is — and how it was conceived. By and large, trump told Americans the bitter truth about the divided country that America is in the form in which it is like his constituents could be destroyed and that a new generation of Americans genuinely hated their own country, and it happened because of the American managerial elite that was achieved.

Trump on the Day of independence of Venezuela has promised to fight socialism

The US President Donald trump said Sunday on the occasion of the independence Day of Venezuela that the United States will continue to "fight socialism" and traditionally criticized the country's authorities led by President Nicolas Maduro.

"The Venezuelan people are suffering under the yoke of the illegitimate and tyrannical regime that intends to destroy democratic institutions, to violate human rights, engage in open corruption and exploit the worst economic and humanitarian crisis in recent history. But the US has high hopes for the people of Venezuela," - said in a written statement, trump, which was distributed by the White house. He expressed the hope that Venezuela "will reach true independence".

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