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The experts gave their forecast of interest rates on deposits by year-end

Russian banks this year will continue to reduce interest rates on ruble deposits by the end of the year the average maximum rate will fall to 4% or even lower, expect to be interviewed by RIA Novosti experts and credit institutions.

Average maximum rate on deposits of ten Russian banks attracting the largest volume of deposits of physical persons in rubles, reduced from the beginning of the year. In early January she was 5.93%, and up to the second decade of July fell to a record low of 4.55%. This is largely due to the reduction of the key rate, which is currently at a historic low of 4.5%.

Banks are willing to offer the Russians a mortgage with a down payment of 10%

Most Russian banks already offer the Russians to get a mortgage with a minimum down payment of 10% of the cost of housing, but on more liberal terms to make the loan, they are not yet ready, the survey showed the largest credit institutions, conducted by RIA Novosti.

Sberbank on Wednesday reported a decrease in the minimum down payment on mortgages for the purchase and construction of housing to 10% from 15% for payroll clients and up to 30% from 50% for customers who arrange a mortgage without proof of income and employment.

RBC: the global leader of outdoor advertising has gone from the Russian market

JCDecaux, the French withdrew from the shareholders of Russ Outdoor, the largest player on the Russian outdoor advertising market. It is reported by RBC with reference to the Executive Director of the Russian company Robert Mirzoyan.

According to him, 25 percent bought OOO "Sten", having increased its share up to of 73.57 percent. The remaining 26.43% owned by VTB.

Russian banks continue to reduce mortgage rates

Some Russian banks are planning to lower mortgage rates, while a number of players had already improved the conditions for such lending and further decisions in this area will depend on the market situation, the survey of credit institutions conducted by RIA Novosti.

On Tuesday the savings Bank has lowered rates on mortgages by 0.5 percentage points. According to the Deputy Chairman of the management Board, Bank Vozrozhdenie Natalia Shabuninoj, the credit institution is considering the possibility of reducing in the near future interest rates on mortgage loans on both the primary and the secondary housing. Bank "Zenit" will soon reduce the rate "classic military" mortgage, said Deputy Chairman of the management Board of the Bank Dmitry Yurin.

Banks estimated the demand for foreign currency deposits after isolation from COVID-19

Major Russian banks have variously estimated the population's demand for foreign currency deposits after the easing of restrictions due to pandemic coronavirus. Some players saw a revival, and other significant changes in the activity of customers do not watch. Moreover, if to compare with last year's figures, the demand for foreign currency deposits continues to decline, the survey of credit institutions conducted by RIA Novosti.

Thus, in VTB in may, the volume of new deposits in foreign currency increased in comparison with April and 17% in the ruble equivalent amounted to 28 billion. "The inflow of funds to deposits, including in foreign currency, most likely linked to the overall stabilization of the economic situation. The banks began to return the money that customers had withdrawn cash in a pandemic, but it is not spent", - stated in the credit institution.

A number of Russian banks have registered a growth in the average check at currency exchange

The appetite of Russians to foreign exchange increases as the easing of quarantine measures, showed a survey of credit institutions conducted by RIA Novosti: a number of large banks noted a significant increase in an average bill for such operations due to cancellation of the regime of self-isolation. Still grow he can with the opening of borders and starting of international flights, however, banks warn that there are big surprises should not wait.

Sberbank, however, significant fluctuations in the average check is not fixed. "In June this year, the average amount of a single exchange transaction corresponds to the average amount of similar operations in the period of self-isolation and exceeds a similar indicator of last year by 60%", - reported in the largest Russian Bank.

Banks do not plan in near future to change the rates on foreign currency deposits

Russian banks in the near future do not plan to renegotiate the terms of foreign currency deposits for the population, the survey of credit institutions conducted by RIA Novosti.

In Russia there is a ban on negative Deposit rates. In the past year, large banks lowered rates of deposits in Euro to a symbolic 0.01% per annum or abandons them. Some players have even introduced a fee for maintenance of accounts in Euro for major clients-individuals.

VTB reported problems with access to mobile banking

Clients of VTB may experience trouble accessing mobile banking, according to a Telegram channel "Oberstab VTB".

"It is reported that VTB-Online was fixed the technical problems associated with the incorrect uploading archive SMS messages previously conducted transactions. These messages are incorrect and are not associated with a valid transaction. Due to the increased load, some customers may experience problems with the availability of mobile banking", - stated in the message.

Some banks will allow you to use expired cards after July 1,

Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the background of the easing of restrictions coronavirus decided not to renew its recommendation on the admission of banks cards with the expired period of validity of the credit organization will cease to serve from 1 July. However, the survey showed RIA Novosti, not all banks are going to dramatically finish accepting expired "plastic": they believe that customers need to allow additional time to exchange an outdated card to a new one.

ROSBANK plans to extend the validity of cards of their customers for another month after the end of the basic term. Promsvyazbank in July, will continue to serve cards, the validity of which expired in March, April and may (of the order of 80 thousand cards). Transactions via these cards can be made until August 1.

"Yandex" will issue additional shares of class "A" on $ 800 million

"Yandex" will issue additional shares of class "A" on $ 800 million, including $ 600 million - in favor of "VTB Capital", as well as two of the investment companies of Roman Abramovich and Alexander Abramov and Alexander Frolov, the report said the Internet company.

"To Finance further business growth and strategic initiatives, including e-Commerce, "Yandex" will attract $ 800 million through the placement of newly issued shares of class "A". Shares worth $ 200 million will be implemented by placing under the accelerated subscription shares for a further $ 600 million will be equally sold to three private investors, "VTB Capital", the investment division of VTB group

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