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In the US, found cat, lost ten years ago

At the animal shelter in Utah found a cat that went missing ten years ago, reports Upi.

Recently, the man, who wished to remain anonymous, was brought into the shelter a stray cat and said that for a long time to feed him before going to move to a new place of residence.

The Governor of Utah declared a state of emergency in the state capital

Utah Governor Gary Herbert declared a state of emergency in the state capital, salt lake city, in connection with the outbreak in the city during the protests, reports The Hill.

A group of demonstrators gathered Thursday night outside the local Prosecutor's office after the Agency announced that the use of force in the incident with 22-year-old Bernardo Palacios-a Carbajal, who died in the shooting by police was justified. According to police, after protesters began to smash Windows in the building of Prosecutor's office, a meeting of people declared to be illegal. In addition, as reported, the demonstrators used pepper gas against the police. As a result, one police officer was taken to hospital, two protesters were detained.

Trump ridiculed Senator Romney for participating in anti-racist protests

The President of the United States Donald trump responded with irony about the participation of the Senator-Republican MITT Romney in a protest March in Washington.

Romney, himself a former presidential candidate, became the first representative of the Republicans who joined the protests in the us capital. The Senator from Utah marched along with the protesters on Pennsylvania Avenue, and then published a photo of the procession in his Instagram.