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Stuck in Uruguay, the Russians will return home on a flight from Buenos Aires

Fourteen Russians, trapped in Uruguay, will fly home to export a flight from Buenos Aires on the morning of 5 June, told RIA Novosti at the Russian Embassy in Uruguay.

"Only 14 of the Russians, they are on the way to the airport," - said the Embassy.

Russian diplomats told on export flight from Latin America

Export departures to Latin America for the Russians, would make landing in four countries, reported the Russian Embassy in Argentina in Facebook.

Earlier, the Russian Embassy in Brazil said that the planned landing in Sao Paulo.

Stuck in Uruguay, the Russians will be able to fly home from Argentina

Embassy of Uruguay is ready to help Russians trapped in the country, to return home via Buenos Aires, where it is planned to export the flight, the message of the Embassy.

Export a flight to the Russians in Latin America is planned for 3-5 June, while aware of the plantings in Brazil and Argentina, it follows from the information of the embassies of Russia.