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Former member of "Ural dumplings" found a new job

. Former member of the team "Ural dumplings" Yulia Mikhalkov instagram has told about participation in a new project.

As written, the actress, now she is finishing to star in Comedy show "Stories" — "humorous sketches about ordinary and familiar heroes."

Ex-Director of "Ural dumplings" explained the scandalous exit from the show

Showman and producer Sergei Nitievskiy explained the reasons for his departure from the show "Ural dumplings".

The team split up in 2015. According to Natascha, at parting colleagues headed by the current Director of the "Ural dumplings" Evgeny Orlov acted inappropriately.

Ex-Director of "Ural dumplings" criticized the new head

Former member and Director "the Ural pelmeni" Sergey Nitievskiy in conversation with Teleprogramma.pro criticized the new head of the project Yevgeny Orlov and declared "accidentally stuck to show" people.

He also suggested that "hypothetically" in the future, in five to ten years, he will make the team on any anniversary party. However, according to the interlocutor of the edition, with Orlov this may not happen.

The star of "Ural dumplings" was named a key reason for leaving the show

Actress Julia Mikhalkov called a key reason for leaving the show "Ural dumplings".

According to her, the more she cared about the opportunity