Latest News - #Unrest in the U.S. because of the assassination of African American

Rock band Bon Jovi has a new song dedicated to George Floyd

American rock band Bon Jovi dedicated the new song "American Reckoning" memory of the African-American George Floyd and anti-racist protests that swept the U.S., reports Rolling Stone.

According to the leader of the group Jon Bon Jovi's new song "American Reckoning" is the reaction of musicians to the death of Floyd and the ensuing protests against racism.

The Governor of Utah declared a state of emergency in the state capital

Utah Governor Gary Herbert declared a state of emergency in the state capital, salt lake city, in connection with the outbreak in the city during the protests, reports The Hill.

A group of demonstrators gathered Thursday night outside the local Prosecutor's office after the Agency announced that the use of force in the incident with 22-year-old Bernardo Palacios-a Carbajal, who died in the shooting by police was justified. According to police, after protesters began to smash Windows in the building of Prosecutor's office, a meeting of people declared to be illegal. In addition, as reported, the demonstrators used pepper gas against the police. As a result, one police officer was taken to hospital, two protesters were detained.

In new York opposite of trump tower there was an inscription "Black lives matter"

In front of the Trump Tower skyscraper on the roadway of Fifth Avenue caused big yellow inscription Black lives matter ("black Lives matter"), the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

On this stretch of Fifth Avenue is closed for car traffic. Wanting to fit in and be photographed on the background of the label.

ROC explained, why Russia is Jesus never depicted blacks

The image of Jesus Christ contrary to the black canons of the Church, because he was not an African American, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti the head of the expert Council of the Russian Orthodox Church on Church art, architecture and restoration Archpriest Leonid Kalinin.

Earlier picture of black Jesus Christ, a variation on the theme of the famous frescoes Leonardo da Vinci's last supper, received the same name, appeared on the altar of Saint Albany Cathedral in England as a sign of solidarity with the movement Black Lives Matter. Before that, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby urged the Church of England to revise the image of Christ as the white man. According to the Daily Mail, the Abbot of Saint Albany Cathedral less than a week after the call Welby has agreed to place on the altar picture, which in 2009 wrote the artist Lorna may Wadsworth. Of Christ she wrote with a dark-skinned Jamaican.

In the US draft defense budget allocates $1 million to rename database

The appropriations Committee of the U.S. house of representatives released a draft defense budget, which implies the allocation of 1 million dollars to rename military bases and other military objects, called the names of the generals of the slave South in the Civil war.

The bill still must make the full composition of the Senate, house of representatives, and only then he will be President Donald Trump.

Media: in new York, demolished and damaged a statue of the abolitionist Douglas

Unknown demolished and damaged the statue escaped from slavery to abolitionist Frederick Douglas in Rochester, new York, reports the Washington Examiner.

It is reported that the incident occurred on a holiday weekend on the occasion of the independence Day of USA. The damaged statue was found about 15 metres from the pedestal on which it was installed.

The ex-COP commented on the genuflecting law enforcement

The genuflecting of police with protesters is acceptable, unless it is the expression of a political position, but simply in solidarity with the society, says ex-police Raj of Ramnarine from Minnesota.

He worked in the police in different capacities for 25 years.

Trump announced last battle for America. Why it won't work

In "America's birthday", July 4, Donald trump had to say some kind of "throne speech" and to congratulate the Americans with their main holiday, but stood in front of him choose to try to take the path of national reconciliation and preservation of some (illusory) political propriety, or to choose the path of maximum political confrontation, which could end the present civil war. The choice that stood before the President of the United States, can be formulated in terms of the recent history of one of the neighboring with Russia, "nedogosudarstva". Trump had to give a public answer to the question: "to Be Yanukovych or not to be?" — the only amendment that the U.S. President has no real estate in Rostov, and to change gilded, pretentious interiors of the Trump Tower in new York city to something else it will hardly be desirable.

The US President has chosen the most aggressive option — and for the past two days the American media vote on that his performance was "dark and separating". So there is — and how it was conceived. By and large, trump told Americans the bitter truth about the divided country that America is in the form in which it is like his constituents could be destroyed and that a new generation of Americans genuinely hated their own country, and it happened because of the American managerial elite that was achieved.

COP accused of the murder of Floyd, was released on bail

One of the police officers in the United States, accused of killing African-American George Floyd during the arrest, released on bail, said the public database of prison in the County of Hennepin.

Dismissed from the police That Tao released on 4 July, according to the data base.

In Washington state, the car drove into the protesters

The car drove into protesters on a closed highway in Washington state on the night of Saturday, two people were hospitalized, reported ABC News, citing the state troopers.

According to the channel, the representative of the patrol Rick Johnson reported that the car drove through the closed section of interstate 5, knocking a few people. It is noted that one person suffered life-threatening injuries, the second condition is estimated as heavy.

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