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In the three districts of the Ulyanovsk region will open cafes and restaurants

Cafes and restaurants closed because of the pandemic coronavirus, can resume work in three districts of the Ulyanovsk region, informs on Monday a press-service of the regional government.

"In municipalities that are actually the third phase of the lifting of restrictions, it is proposed to open a catering. It Bazarnosyzganskijj, kuzovatovskogo and Sursky areas", - stated in the message.

The tourist was unable to sue the tour operator the money for the cancelled vacation

The tourist failed to sue the tour operator 320 thousand rubles for the cancelled because of the pandemic coronavirus ticket, according to Tourdom.

Traveller from Ulyanovsk had planned to rest in the Czech Republic and Switzerland from 28 March to first of April. After the government suspended international message, the client proposed to postpone the tour for the future. But he refused and sued the tour operator in court, where he demanded from the company of 320 thousand rubles. This amount is three times higher than the cost of the tour package – 106 thousand rubles.

In the Ulyanovsk region have extended restrictions on coronavirus

The regime of restrictions in the Ulyanovsk region of coronavirus, was extended until July 15, said Monday the Governor of the region Sergey Morozov.

"Restrictive measures during a pandemic, who acted in the Ulyanovsk region until June 30, will last until July 15 in accordance with the new amendments to the decree," wrote Morozov on his page in Facebook.

In Ulyanovsk will open the summer terraces of cafes and fitness centers

Summer terrace cafe, fitness centers and saunas will open Monday in Ulyanovsk and a number of municipalities have complied with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, said on Saturday the Governor of the region Sergey Morozov.

"Only in those municipalities which have executed a number of regulations of the CPS, but as of June 12, are Bazarnosyzganskijj district, the city of Ulyanovsk, Inzensky, Starokulatkinsky and Sursky areas, we allowed the public catering organizations to provide services outdoors (on the summer terrace, terraces) at stationary objects with a mandatory compliance with safety," Morozov wrote on his page on Instagram.

The UK has charged the defendants in the cases of the rehabilitation of Nazism

Charged three more defendants in criminal cases about the rehabilitation of Nazism in the course of the action "Immortal regiment online", it is the residents of Ulyanovsk, Samara and Perm, told reporters the official representative SK the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko.

"Charged three more suspects - Vyacheslav Kruglov, Andrey Shabanov and Daniel Simanovo. Depending on the role of each they are charged with committing crimes... rehabilitation of Nazism", - stated in the message.