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The Treaty on the Soviet-Polish border (1945)

16 Aug 1945 in Moscow signed a Treaty on the Soviet-Polish state border, which put a legal end to the nearly 30-year history of the Eastern borders of the modern Polish state.

Question about the borders of Poland that was part of the Russian Empire under the name Kingdom of Poland was raised at the Paris peace conference (1919-1920) at the end of the First world war. Victory in the war, the Entente (Britain, France, the US and its allies) agreed to consider "a temporary Eastern border of Poland", the line drawn from North to South through Grodno, Nemirov, Brest-Litovsk, ustilug of the Carpathians and on to the ethnographic principle. Land with a predominance of the Polish population was to the West of this line, and non-Polish (Lithuanian, Belarusian, Ukrainian) – to the East. However, the Polish government ignored this decision and in April 1920, the beginning of military action against the Soviet state. In the critical period, when the Red Army counterattacked, the Polish government on 10 July 1920 at a conference in the Belgian town of Spa recognized its Eastern boundary line proposed by the Entente. On 12 July 1920 the British foreign Minister Lord George Curzon appealed to the Soviet government with a proposal to end the war on condition that Poland's Eastern border will be marked in Paris on line, since known as the "Curzon line". But the Soviet government refused to Curzon mediation and insisted on direct peace negotiations with Poland.

The surrender of Japan in world war II

After the defeat of France in June 1940, Nazi Germany, the main retargeting efforts on preparations for war against the USSR decided to strengthen military-political cooperation with its major allies, Italy and Japan, and engage in aggressive block new countries – primarily European States, which border with the Soviet Union or located near it.

Essential Nazi leadership attached to their participation in the war against the Soviet Union and Japan. Longtime anti-Soviet ambitions of the Japanese militarists and the strategic position of this country allowed the German leadership to count on opening a second front in the far East. German diplomats were active in order to establish closer political and military ties with Japan. This was in line with the intentions of the Japanese ruling circles that nurtured his own expansionist plans against the Soviet Union and tried using the military successes of fascist States in Western Europe, to expand their holdings in East Asia and the Pacific.

Died writer Igor Yefimov

Lived in the US, writer Igor Yefimov has died on 84-m to year of life, reported in Facebook by his friend, publicist Evgeny Berkovich.

"The book we release, there is no doubt. I will miss his sincere joy from each new book, his young enthusiasm and thirst for new victories. To work until the last day given to the righteous. Light memory!" he added.

Soviet entry into the war against Japan (1945)

Of all the coalition States, started world war II, after may 1945, continued to fight only Japan.

17 July to 2 August 1945 took place on the Berlin (Potsdam) conference of heads of government of the USSR, USA and great Britain, where, along with discussions on European issues, much attention was given to the situation in the far East.

Roshal called the coronavirus pandemic "dress rehearsal for biological warfare"

The situation for pandemic COVID-19, causes a feeling of rehearsal, biological warfare, said pediatric surgeon, doctor of medical Sciences, President of Institute of emergency children's surgery and traumatology Leonid Roshal, in an interview with Forbes.

He explained that not all countries were prepared to fight against such infection. In the case of Russia to counter the spread of coronavirus have connected everything, including the President, the doctor said. However, "the virus knows no borders", and the scale of the epidemic is impossible to predict. The problem is, in particular, the behavior of people. So, said the doctor, was two cases of coronavirus importation to Russia from-for doctors, not abstaining from traveling abroad.

The leader of the PMR has ruled out the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from Transnistria

The head of the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldovan Republic Vadim Krasnoselsky said that the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers can not be discussed.

According to him, the peacekeeping operation is unique, operating on the banks of the Dniester river, for 28 years, has not lost relevance and value.

The leaders of Moldova and Transnistria to discuss quarantine office and banking question

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon and the head of the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldovan Republic Vadim Krasnoselsky on this year's first meeting discuss quarantine office of the PMR, telecommunications, banking and other issues, reported the press service of the head of the PMR.

Dodon as the head of the delegation of the host country, outlined the main issues on the agenda of the meeting, stressing that they agreed. "To discuss the proposed topics such as the functioning of the provisional quarantine posts, telecommunications, banking question, the closure of criminal cases, launching trolley route "Bendery-Varnita the" other", - stated in the message.

Translator Ronald Reagan endorsed the decision of the court on the record interpreter trump

A former translator of U.S. President Ronald Reagan Dimitri Zarechnak stated RIA Novosti that he supports the decision of the American court, which refused to publish the record of an American translator from the meeting of the presidents of Donald trump and Vladimir Putin.

"It is clear that I this decision I fully support, not only and not so much because of its conformity with the law, and for the reasons... (that) if an interpreter you can call the Congress or to disclose his notes of the meeting which the foreign worker will want to meet with the President... And, moreover, why even the President himself or others the U.S. government to use the services of private service providers, if there is a danger that they can be caused by then in Congress? Better in this case to rely on an interpreter the other hand, which cannot be called to testify to our Congress," said the Agency Zarechnak.

Died the author of the famous Manifesto antiperistasis Nina Andreeva

At 82 year of life has died the writer of the letter "I can Not renounce principles" Nina Andreeva, reported on the website of the unregistered "Union Communist party of Bolsheviks".

She died July 24 after suffering a serious illness.

Guzeeva called the worst movie of all times and peoples

The picture of the "Rival" with Larisa Guzeeva in the title role is "the worst film of all times and peoples," says the actress.

She wrote about this in response to podyschite on instagram. The actress posted a photograph of her 30 years. According to Guzeeva, the picture of her captures when she wasn't posing. At the same time, said the actress, pictured her clenched teeth.

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