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Trump criticized selected Biden candidacy of Vice-President

The US President Donald trump said that he was surprised by the selection of Senator Kamala Harris as a candidate in Vice-presidents from Democrats, Recalling that she poorly acted during the party primaries.

The most likely candidate in presidents from Democrats Joe Biden on Tuesday announced the name of his partner in the election and a candidate for the post of the Vice-presidents of the United States. As many expected, the choice of policies stopped the Senator from California Kamala Harris, which represents people of color of America.

Trump told who interfere in American elections

The US President Donald trump said that interfering in the election of Democrats.

At the press conference, trump was asked about "the Russian intervention" in U.S. elections, which Moscow denies.

Trump accused the Democrats of "left radicalism"

The President of the United States Donald trump claims that the Democrats intend to "steal the election" by delaying the negotiations to support the economy.

According to trump, speaking at a press conference in new Jersey, Democrats "want to steal elections." According to him, the leaders of the Democrats in Congress Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer "held hostage" help the victims of the coronavirus.

Politico: trump cursed at the major donor to his campaign

Influential Republicans are concerned about the possible financial consequences for the President of the United States Donald trump after he suddenly swore at the major donor to his election campaign Sheldon Adelson, reported Politico, citing sources.

According to him, 87-year-old Adelson called Trump to discuss support for the economy in terms of coronavirus. However, trump was a sharp rebuke Adelson for what he spends on his re-election is not enough money. Adelson in a dispute to engage did not, says Politico.

China is doomed to a cold war 2 with America

Election of the President of the United States periodically cause the tide of optimism for those hoping that a return to the White house President from the Democratic party and the most radical hawks in the administration of Barack Obama will lead to the fact that the United States will once again focus on the fight against Russia. By and large, dreams of this kind (which are very nice for some Kiev politicians and analysts, as well as for Russian xenohaliotis US who truly hates Russia and its own citizens) are reduced to the formula "Biden will return a blessed 2014", and further to this formula, depending on your specific taste and imagination of the dreamer added, "a hell of sanctions" or even the attack on the Crimea forces of the U.S. Sixth fleet. To predict the results of the American elections — a thankless task, especially that it is very likely that their results will not be determined at the polling stations, and will be determined in the framework of military confrontation on the South American sample, but to speculate about what the priorities will have a foreign policy Biden, in that case, if he becomes President, it is really worth.

Let's start with the obvious: the opinion of Biden doesn't matter, because he, by and large, a walking political corpse, pumped with drugs and PR, to attract the maximum number of votes of Americans missed the "normality of the era of Obama" and that dreams (like some of the Kiev and Russian analysts) to return in 2014. In case of a successful seizure of power by the Democrats will lead the country not the President Biden, and a kind of shadow (or not shadow) "Politburo" of the Democratic party, which will have a series of internal problems and external challenges will not be very easy to handle. Russia Democratic party of the United States and especially the segment of the American elite, which lost the elections in 2016, will be sincerely and selflessly to hate on, but with the return of America in particular and the world at large in a conditional 2014 or beginning of 2016 there will be a very serious difficulty. Truly complex systems, especially those that are affected by several independent actors, it is impossible to "click" to return to some former state, has warned about the ancient thinkers, who celebrated impossibility "to enter twice into the same river".

Biden is ahead of trump by votes in three key States, poll

Former Vice-President and most likely Democratic party candidate in the presidential election, Joe Biden is ahead in the votes of incumbent President Donald trump in three key States - Arizona, Florida and Michigan, according to a survey by the firm SSRS, conducted on behalf of CNN.

In the South-Eastern US state of Florida, according to the poll, Biden gets 51% of votes, trump - 46%. Thus in southwestern Arizona Biden can get 49%, and the current us President - 45%. In Michigan, which is located in the heart of the American Great lakes, the gap is already pronounced: Biden may get 52% of the votes, while trump - 40%.

Trump 100 days before the election, again get used to the image of the outsider

The President of the United States Donald trump 100 days before the elections, which will be held on November 3, is very far behind his rival, Democrat Joe Biden in the polls. Voters dissatisfied with the policy of trump anti-coronavirus and protests. Even the advantage of a trump before Biden in donations to the campaign is completely evaporated. But trump won the last elections to the status of absolute outsider and so nobody would think to write him off now.

Biden now advantage more than the Hillary Clinton four years ago. According to the average indicator surveys of the site FiveThirtyEight, in March, Democrat Biden was ahead of the Republican trump an average of 3 percentage points, now eight points. In a two-stage system of American elections, however, is not the amount of votes of electors, and the electors of the state at the system of "winner in the state takes all the electors". In 2016, trump received more than 2 million votes less than Clinton, but won in States such as Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, often with a minimum gap in the popular vote. Now Biden, on average, according to RealClearPolitics, ahead of trump in popularity in all those States. His "in the pocket" of about 222 115 electors against trump (to win you need 270), clarifies the portal.

The head of N. I., the U.S. accused Russia of undermining confidence in elections

The head of national intelligence William Ivanin has accused Russia of spreading misinformation in the U.S. to "undermine confidence in the democratic process" of elections.

Russia has repeatedly denied accusations of trying to influence the democratic processes in different countries, as the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called them "completely unfounded". The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking about alleged Russian intervention in elections in different countries, said that there are no facts confirming it, no.

Trump announced the cancellation of the all-party Congress in Florida

The President of the United States Donald trump announced the cancellation of the all-party Congress in the city of Jacksonville, Florida due to the coronavirus.

This decision trump has explained the concern about the residents of Florida. According to him, the delegates will gather in North Carolina, where will be held the official procedure of nomination of the candidate from Republican party on presidential elections.

The Pentagon has accused Russia of desire to influence American elections

The Secretary of defense mark Esper argues that Russia and other countries want to influence the upcoming elections in the country .

"It is clear that Russia and other countries, we believe, want to influence American elections, if you do not intervene. We are working very hard. The U.S. Department of defense supports interagency efforts with the Department of homeland security. We are fully confident that we can preserve the sanctity of our elections because it is the most important thing for democracy is to ensure the integrity of elections," Esper said during an online conference.

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