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Die Welt: the US is threatening the European contractors "Nord stream — 2"

U.S. authorities are increasing pressure on German and European companies involved in the construction of "Nord stream — 2", the newspaper "Die Welt" with reference to sources.

It is emphasized that the United States conducted two videoconferences with contractors of the gas pipeline from Germany and other European countries to "to indicate the far-reaching consequences for their further participation in the project". They were attended by representatives of the state Department, the Ministry of Finance and US Department of energy.

The price of Brent crude rose to 43.31 USD per barrel

Oil prices Thursday morning showed multidirectional dynamics on the background of signs of recovery in U.S. demand, while being under the pressure of fears of the resumption of quarantine measures, according to the auction.

As at 7.43 MSK price of the September futures for North sea petroleum mix of mark Brent have grown on 0,05% - to 43.31 USD per barrel. August futures for WTI crude oil became cheaper by 0.1% to 40.86 USD per barrel.

US Department of energy has recognized the increase in LNG exports

Low demand and gas prices in Europe and Asia that make the economy the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States ineffective, buyers refused 110 year supply of LNG, follows from the monthly short-term forecast of the energy information administration of U.S. Department of energy (EIA).

"Mild winters and restrictive measures related to COVID-19, led to the decline in world demand for natural gas and increase its reserves in Europe and Asia, which reduced the need for import of LNG. Low spot prices for natural gas and LNG in Europe and Asia have reduced the economic viability of LNG exports from the United States, which is extremely price sensitive," - said in the forecast.

US Department of energy accused the "environmental lobby" in the collapse of gas pipeline project

US Department of energy blames "the environmental lobby" in the collapse of gas pipeline project Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), said the energy Minister Dan Browett.

Sunday Dominion Energy with partner Duke Energy abandoned the project of a major pipeline of ASR due to uncertainty with prices and regulation. At the request of the power companies, the gas pipeline worth more than $ 8 billion is not justified, given the numerous delays and lawsuits by environmentalists, land owners and local residents. The partners abandoned the project, despite the big win in the Supreme court, which in June allowed the construction of ACP under the Appalachian trail Hiking route through the mountains of the Atlantic coast, which stretches for 3.5 thousand miles from Georgia to Maine.

Prices for Brent crude increased to 42.12 per barrel

Oil prices on Thursday morning to grow for the second consecutive trading session on the wave of optimism caused by the reduction of inventories in the United States, according to the auction.

As of 7: 40 am GMT, the September futures price for North sea petroleum mix of mark Brent has grown on 0,21% - to 42.12 per barrel. August futures on WTI rose in price on 0,13% - to 39,87 USD per barrel.