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Tour operators plan to start sending the Russians to Dubai in October

Dubai is now restaurants, bars, hotels (working with downloading 50 cent), beaches, shopping malls and other tourist facilities, visit the Emirate of guests from all countries, according to ATOR.

As told to Anna Yastrebova, a representative of the Department of tourism and Commerce marketing government of Dubai in Russia, no special exceptions, which can negatively concern Russia, were not introduced. Thus, the Russians, provided the resumption of flights will be able to enter the Emirate.

The UAE began to use dogs for the detection of people infected with coronavirus

The Ministry of internal Affairs of the UAE began to use police officers of dogs for the detection of patients with coronavirus, the statement of the Ministry on the social network Twitter.

"The Ministry has successfully completed the training of police dogs with the aim to use them to prevent the spread of the coronavirus", - stated in the message.

It turned out from what cities can you fly to Dubai and foreign tourists

From July 7 to Dubai was opened to foreign tourists, the airlines of the UAE have shared the updated list of destinations to its flight network, reported Khaleej Times.

So the national carrier resumed service of 51 destination. Including 18 cities in Europe: Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, Frankfurt, Larnaca, London, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Munich, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Zurich.

The UAE has created the post of state Minister for the digital economy and the AI

The UAE authorities decided to create a new position of state Minister for the digital economy and artificial intelligence and to undertake other structural reforms in government to boost efficiency, said Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum on Sunday.

"Created the position of state Minister for the digital economy, artificial intelligence and applications for working remotely, it is Umar al-ulama are," - said the Prime Minister on Twitter, noting that "the working environment in medicine, education and trade will change significantly" and the UAE "strive to be at the forefront of these changes."

Dubai has passed a law regulating the use of UAVs in the Emirate

The Prime Minister of the UAE, Emir of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum has issued a law regulating the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the Emirate.

The new law, the contents of which is published on the official website of the Emir of Dubai on Saturday, aims to "reduce the risks associated with the use of UAVs", and also contribute to the transformation of Dubai into a "production centre drones and the use of innovative technologies in transport and to allow public and private entities to use drones and develop appropriate services".

The UAE citizens were allowed to travel to tours abroad

The UAE authorities allowed citizens and permanent resident aliens to travel to travel outside the country, said on Friday the UAE Agency WAM.

"Travel abroad as a whole becomes possible for UAE nationals and resident aliens may be subject to precautionary measures", - quotes Agency the decision of the authorities.

The Emirate of RAS al-Khaimah was the first to receive the security certificate

RAS El Khaimah (UAE) became the first tourist destination in the world, received a security certificate French inspection and certification company and the world Council for tourism and travel (WTTC), the press service of the Department of tourism development of the Emirate.

To get the certificates was developed and implemented a program for the introduction of strict health, sanitary and hygienic safety in all hotels of RAS al-Khaimah. The purpose of all innovations is to minimize possible risks to employees and guests.

In the UAE more than two thousand people cured from COVID-19 stem cells

More than two thousand patients have recovered from coronavirus in the centre of the stem cells of Abu Dhabi with the help of therapy based on stem cells, 1.2 thousand infected after treatment completely got rid of all of the consequences associated with COVID-19, said in a release sent to RIA Novosti press-release center.

A group of doctors and researchers of the centre announced in may to develop a new method of treatment of patients with COVID-19 - UAECell19 is a therapy based on stem cells, which helps the body to fight the virus and is easier to carry it.

Media: companies from the UAE and Israel will cooperate in the fight against COVID-19

Two private Emirati company signed an agreement with Israeli companies on joint research to combat COVID-19, reported on Thursday, a UAE news Agency WAM.

As noted by the Agency, "in light of the outbreak of coronavirus in the world, when the crisis is forcing humanity to the common effort in research, development and technology to guide them for the benefit of mankind, two private companies from the UAE and two of the Israeli company announced the launch of several joint projects in the field of medicine and to fight COVID-19".

Media: the Arab coalition launched was intercepted from Yemen drones

Fighting in Yemen Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia have intercepted several bombs drones, which the rebels from Yemeni movement "Ansar Allah" (Houthis) has launched on civilian targets on the territory of the Kingdom, announced on Monday night, the Saudi news portal "Habr Ajil".

According to him, a few bombs, the drones, which were aimed at Saudi civilian targets, managed to destroy the air defense forces.

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