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Twitter removes the terms "master", "slave" and "black list" of codes

Social network Twitter removes the terms "master", "slave" and "black list" of their programming codes, and replace them with more "inclusive" words.

"Inclusive language plays a crucial role in creating the environment in which we find ourselves. In Twitter language, which we used in our codes do not reflect our values as a company and does not represent the people we serve. We want to change it," - said in a statement the social network Twitter.

Twitter has promised to enter the message editor, when everyone will be wearing masks

Social network Twitter has promised to introduce a feature to edit publications when everyone will be wearing masks.

"You will be able to get the edit button when everyone will be wearing masks", - stated in the message of the company published in its microblog.

Twitter has removed the photo from the tweet trump

Social network Twitter has removed the photo from the tweet of US President Donald trump, citing copyright infringement.

Instead of a photo in a tweet posted on June 30, you can now see the notification that photo removed in response to a complaint from the copyright holder.

Oxford experts noted the high response to Sputnik and RT in Europe

The experts of the Oxford Internet Institute believe that the Russian media such as RT and Sputnik, along with the Chinese, Iranian and Turkish state media, called social media response, sometimes exceeds the response of the audience is known to European publications.

"During a three-week study, we found that most of the government-sponsored media from China, Iran, Russia and Turkey, generating the content in French, German and Spanish that reach tens of millions of users of social networks worldwide, albeit using less of the distribution system than the major media in these languages

The Minister of Finance of Lebanon resigns

The Minister of Finance of Lebanon Alan of Bihani on Monday evening to announce his resignation, according to the Lebanese channel al-Jadid.

Bifani channel said that the resignation connected with his disagreement with the strategy of the government and the selected solution to the crisis. "The way in which we go, reckless. People will soon come to handle," he said.

Cosmonaut Vinogradov told what a tourist can do in space

Space tourist during a spacewalk will be able to see the Land, take pictures and conduct experiments, but far from the station that he move will not allow because of safety concerns, told RIA Novosti Russian Hero, a cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov.

Thursday, RSC Energia announced the signing of a contract with Space Adventures flight on two tourists on the "Union" to the ISS in 2023. It is planned that one of the tourists will make first-ever spacewalk from the station along with Russian cosmonaut. As explained later on Twitter, the President of Space Adventures Eric Anderson, contract with specific tourist yet.

Coca-Cola suspends advertising in all social networks

The world's largest manufacturer of soft drinks Coca-Cola Company at least 30 days suspends advertising in all social networks on the background of the boycott, announced by Facebook, the statement said chief Executive officer James Quincy, published on the website of the company.

The head of the Coca-Cola Company added that during this time the company's management will review the advertising policy and will determine whether to make changes.

Popular Belarusian Telegram-channel reported the detention administrator

Popular in Belarus Telegram-channel "Belarus in the brain", specializing in socio-political topics, said that it detained the administrator and author Igor moosie, his apartment was searched.

As noted in the channel, moosie detained in a criminal case, however, does not specify which. It is also reported that the confiscated equipment. On the canal signed in Telegram 168 thousand users, Twitter has more than 173 thousand.

Twitter has marked the message trump as a "threat of violence"

Twitter placed next to the tweet of US President Donald trump about "Autonomous zones" of the protesters a warning that its contents contain threats people.

The message was published on the morning of 23 June and said that Washington will never be "Autonomous zones".

"Roscosmos" showed how the shadow from a solar Eclipse passes along the Ground

Russian hydrometeorological satellite "Electro-L" number 2 made the passage of the shadow of the annular solar Eclipse on the earth's surface, dynamic image published in the microblog of "Roscosmos" on Twitter.

As previously reported by the Moscow planetarium, annular solar Eclipse, when the Moon completely covers the Sun, were able to observe 21 June in the Central African Republic, Congo and Ethiopia, to the South of Pakistan and Northern India, and China. With Russia it was possible to see only a partial Eclipse, when the Moon covers the Sun completely.

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