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Experts have told how has changed the cost of accommodation in hotels of Turkey

The tour operators told me how a year has changed for the expenses of a traveller on vacation in Turkey, according to ATOR.

This summer, accommodation prices in the hotels were almost a quarter lower than a year ago. "In August last year, the average price was 650 dollars per person, that 500-560 dollars", – said the General Director of a leading travel company Taras Demura.

Travel agents said, as in Turkey, the guides are forcing guests to buy excursions

According to travel agents in Turkey some guides invented a new way to force guests to purchase tours, reports TourDom.ru.

So, on the first day of the tour guests have reported that if they want to leave the hotel on the street and visit the tour, they need to put in the vouchers blue print. To choose necessary on the same day. Otherwise there will be a red mark, which means a ban on walking outside the hotel.

The media revealed details of the beating Ukrainian top model with her Turkish boyfriend

Ukrainian top model Daria Kirilyuk, complained about the beating by the guards on the beach in Turkey, could suffer at the hands of a young man, about it reports the edition Strana.ua citing a source in the Turkish law enforcement.

As said the interlocutor of the edition, the young man Kirilyuk, a native of Turkey, an American citizen Sheep Gunesh allegedly jealous Ukrainian woman to a wealthy oil magnate from one of the Arab countries.

In Turkey, commented on reports about the outbreak of coronavirus in the resorts

The Ministry of health of Turkey records the growth of new cases of coronavirus in the resort regions of the country, told RIA Novosti the representative office.

Informed about the outbreak COVID-19 Turkish resorts reported Russian media, citing the statement of the Minister of health of Turkey Fahrettin koji, who said the growth of new cases of coronavirus across the country. As reported by koca on Tuesday, the number of identified cases of coronavirus in Turkey increased during the day to 1083, died on 18 patients. The day before he was informed of the identify per day 995 cases of coronavirus and 19 deceased patients.

Turkish media published a video of the fight with the participation of Ukrainian top model

The Turkish edition of Snob magazine has published video of the incident with the Ukrainian model Daria Kirilyuk in the resort of Cesme on the Aegean sea.

Earlier Kirilyuk wrote in Instagram that he became the victim of an attack of security guards on the beach Momo. According to her, was only beaten by four girls. The administration has stated that the incident occurred outside its territory and its employees have no relation to him.

Embassy in Moscow, said the rules of entry of Russians in Switzerland

The Embassy of Switzerland in Moscow told RIA Novosti, who will be able to arrive in the country after the resumption of flights.

The diplomatic mission noted that the entrance is open to the following groups:

Turkey has promised not to raise prices for the holidays this season

The prices in Turkish hotels after the resumption of air links with Russia will remain the same as last year, said RIA Novosti Chairman of the Federation of hoteliers of Turkey, Sururi Corabatir.

Russia from August 1, resumed flights from the UK, Turkey and Tanzania. From this date began flights to such Turkish cities as Ankara and Istanbul from the 10th of August, will resume flights to the resort of Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman.

Russia resumes flights abroad

Russia on Saturday resumes flights abroad after a long break due to pandemic coronavirus. From 1 August you can fly to the UK and Turkey, and in Tanzania, which is also in the list of allowed departure countries, while flight no.

Russia on the background of the pandemic coronavirus as of March 27, stopped regular and Charter flights with other countries with a few exceptions, including export flights from abroad. During this period, air travel has dropped significantly — especially international. For example, in June, on international routes were transported 40,3 thousand people or 0.7% from last year.

Experts told the tourists how to protect themselves from COVID-19 on the trip

Rospotrebnadzor recommends that the tourists who go on holiday abroad, to respect the social distance and to wear masks in public places, and to have a supply of personal protective equipment, reported RIA Novosti press-service of the Department.

"You must have some stock of individual protection means of respiratory organs due to the fact that their purchase can be difficult in some countries", — stated in the message.

It turned out, how many tourists will be able to vacation in Turkey this year

The number of Russian tourists in Turkey by the end of 2020 will halve compared to last year and amount to no more than 3-3,5 thousand people, this forecast leads to the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR).

The number of tourists from Russia, the biggest incoming market to fall two times. "If in 2019 Turkey was visited by around seven million Russians, this year — in the optimistic scenario will be around 3-3,5 million people," — said in the Association.

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