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Charge d'affaires of Russia in Libya spoke about his work

Charge d'affaires of the Russian Federation in Libya Dzhamshed Boltaev will liaise with all parties to the Libyan conflict.

"Yes, of course, and I'm ready to ride and communicate with the authorities of the national consensus Government and authorities in the East of the country," said Boltaev RIA Novosti.

The Prime Minister of Tunisia intends to carry out a government reshuffle

Prime Minister of Tunisia Ilyas Fakhfakh said on Monday the intention to reshuffle the Cabinet after criticism from the Islamist party "An-Nahda" (the Renaissance Party).

Moderate Islamist party "ennahda", headed by the speaker of the Parliament by Rashid al-Ghannouchi, said July 5 that its concern due to "disintegration" in the ranks of the ruling coalition, and also about the "lack of cohesion". The party also accused other members of the coalition in attempts of aggression against it and intent to carry out some "suspicious decision" and urged to form a new government.

Tunisia wants to conclude an agreement on cooperation with IMF

The Tunisian authorities intend to resume shortly negotiations with the International monetary Fund, to within four months to conclude an agreement on cooperation, said the country's Finance Minister Nizar Yaich in an interview with radio station Mosaique FM on Monday.

"In the coming days will begin a new round of negotiations with the IMF," - said the Minister. According to him, the government has prepared a platform of 10 points, the main of them boil down to a requirement to pay particular attention to the negotiations on cooperation of economic and social Affairs, while in previous rounds of the IMF was more interested to discuss Finance and the budget deficit.

In Tunisia prevented the terrorist attacks on tourist sites

The Tunisian interior Ministry prevented a planned terrorist attack on tourist and government facilities of the country, it is told in received RIA Novosti on Thursday a statement.

The detention is in one of the provinces in the North-East of the country, the name of the detainee is not disclosed in the interests of the investigation, said the interior Ministry. Together with the organizer of the planned attacks arrested his accomplices, loyal to the terrorist group "Islamic state"* the statement reads.

Austria has no plans to open the borders to third countries

Austria has no plans to open the borders to third countries, despite the recommendation of the EU Council, said Wednesday foreign Minister Alexander Shallenberg.

The EU Council on Tuesday agreed on the recommendation regarding the progressive removal of restrictions on the optional trip to the European Union, adopting the list of countries in which borders can start to open from 1 July.

In Germany called the main topics of discussion during the presidency in the UN security Council

The main topics for discussion in the UN security Council in July will become a problem of pandemic coronavirus, peacekeeping, climate change and security and human rights, in addition, from Wednesday the Chairman of the security Council becomes Germany.

As reported by RIA Novosti at the permanent representation of Germany to the UN, among the priorities of the agenda of the security Council are ongoing conflicts and crises, including Syria, Libya, Iran, the middle East.

Georgia hopes to get to the list of countries with which the EU open border

The Georgian authorities hope that the country will get a list of the 15 States with which the European Union will open the border, said foreign Minister David Zalkaliani at the briefing.

Earlier in June, the European Commission proposed to EU member States to gradually open the external border for residents of third countries from 1 July. She, in particular, suggested to agree on a common list of third States, in which restrictions on entry into the Union can be withdrawn from this date. EK, among other things, recommended to open external border of the EU for residents of third States that open their borders to the EU. The EC proposed to include in this list the countries of the Western Balkans. As reported by AFP, the proposed list of countries from which it will be possible to visit Europe in July and which is approved by EU member States include Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay.

Tunisian hoteliers said the failure of the tourist season in the country

The Federation of hoteliers of Tunisia stated that the tourist season in the country can be considered as failed in connection with the announcement by the authorities of the rules for arriving tourists to the country, and the government needs or to completely close the border, or to revise these measures.

So, criticism of the Federation caused a mandatory PCR test for incoming tourists to the country, as well as other measures relating to transport and accommodation in the country.

In Tunisia, tourists will require a test for coronavirus

The Tunisian government announced new rules for foreign tourists arriving in the country from 27 June 2020, according to ATOR.

According to the representative of the Tunisian National Office for Tourism in Russia Nezhi Gouider, according to the rules established by the government of the country, tourists need before boarding the plane to his country – to fill out the forms associated with the condition. They will need to be present at the border. You also need to provide when entering the country a negative PCR test, the deadline of which is not more than 72 hours prior to arrival in Tunisia.

In Tunisia, after a long break, six people fell ill COVID-19

The Ministry of health of Tunisia announced on Friday, check-six new cases of coronavirus after eight days of absence of infection.

"Received six new positive tests, including one case of infection in the country and five cases of infected passengers arriving from abroad, evacuation flights and quarantined", - said the Ministry of health in Facebook.

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