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Media: members of the Secret service from the rally trump quarantines

Dozens of employees of the U.S. Secret service who worked on the meeting of the President of Donald trump in Tulsa in the us state of Oklahoma, sent to the isolation after two cases of infection among colleagues, reports the Washington Post, citing sources familiar with the situation.

Earlier, NBC reported that COVID-19 revealed that a six-member advance team of the election headquarters of the President who were involved in the preparation for the meeting in Tulsa. Later it became known that he was sick two other employees of election headquarters, both were at the rally.

Even two members of the election headquarters trump ill COVID–19

Another two employees of the campaign headquarters of U.S. President Donald trump involved in organizing a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, identified coronavirus, according to NBC.

"At the end of a new round of tests employees pre-election campaign in Tulsa another two members of the advance team identified a positive result (for the virus). They were present at the rally, but all the time were in masks", - quotes TV channel of a word of the head of the press service of the election campaign trump Tim Murtagh. According to him, the results of the test cases quarantined, specialists keep track of who they've contacted.

Media: teenagers from TikTok became the reason for the low turnout to the rally trump

An election rally of President of the United States Donald trump in Tulsa (Oklahoma) on Saturday gathered far fewer people than organizers expected, which could contribute to adolescents from the social network TikTok and fans of the musical genre K-pop, reported the New York Times.

On Monday, according to the newspaper, the Chairman of the electoral headquarters of the trump brad Parscale stated that it received more than a million applications for tickets to the meeting, but attending the event, journalists reported that the turnout was low.

Trump said that the US needs to reduce the pace of testing COVID-19

The President of the United States Donald trump at the rally in Tulsa (Oklahoma) stated that the need to reduce the rate of testing for coronavirus, as the country reveal too many infections.

Trump's words quoted by Channel 3000. As later told the TV station representative of the presidential administration, trump, "obviously kidding".

At the staff headquarters of the trump, is preparing a place for the meeting, found COVID-19

Six employees of the campaign headquarters of Donald trump, is preparing a place for Saturday meeting with the participation of the President of the United States in Tulsa, Oklahoma, passed positive tests for coronavirus, said Saturday the Director of staff for external Affairs Tim Murtagh.

"In accordance with security protocols, members of staff are tested for COVID-19 before the event. Six members of the advanced group showed positive results from hundreds of tests, and was immediately taken to placing them in quarantine", - quotes the edition Axios.

Trump has lifted the curfew in the city, where they will hold a rally

The authorities of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where on Saturday a rally will be held with the participation of the President of the United States Donald trump, will not impose a curfew, declared earlier, reported Friday by trump.

"I just spoke with a highly respected mayor of Tulsa (George) by Bynum, who informed me that tonight or tomorrow will not be a curfew for our many supporters who will attend the rally MAGA ("let's Make America great again" - ed.)", - he wrote in his Twitter.

In the USA father of the dead babies in the car, released from custody

Authority of the city of Tulsa (Oklahoma) released from custody a man arrested after his children died in the car while he slept at home, according to Fox News channel.

Earlier it was reported that police detained and took into custody 31-year-old Dustin Lee Dennis. On Saturday afternoon he went to the store and then came home and went to bed. Waking up in about five hours, the man realized that he could not find the children. Later, he found his four-year daughter and three year old son on the floor of the truck and carried them into the house. Arrived on the scene, doctors found that children died. Local meteorologists said that in the afternoon the air temperature in the city exceeded 30 degrees Celsius.

Trump has postponed an election rally in Oklahoma

The US President Donald trump said that suffered one day of his election rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, due to the fact that on 19 June in many American States have so-called Juneteenth - the day of the liberation of slaves.

Earlier it was reported that trump will resume performances at rallies in front of their supporters, the first such meeting to be held in Oklahoma later in Florida, Arizona and North Carolina.