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The attendance of Moscow's parks have returned to the performance of last summer

The parks of Moscow the previous summer, according to acting Deputy Director of public relations Moorpark Daria Kosinova.

"Now attendance at the parks was normalized and, in principle, corresponds to last summer season," said Kosinova at a press conference on Wednesday.

Eight Moscow parks opened rope towns

Rope towns opened in eight Metropolitan parks, including "Sokolniki", "Fili" and "Krasnaya Presnya", according to the official portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

"In our parks rope work camps for adults and children of different level of sports training. Before the passage of the route visitors will conduct mandatory training for safety and put on their safety equipment. The most complex and high the track is located in the Park "Fili," are available on the website words a press-services of Moorpark.

Muscovites can enjoy free access to outdoor fitness

Free sports training sessions are regularly held outdoors in 23 parks of the Department of culture of Moscow, reported on the website of the mayor of the capital on Monday.

June 1, the city's parks, Department of culture, opened for walking after the lifting of restrictions in connection with COVID-19. From June 16 in the recreation areas became available summer terrace. Work has also resumed non-stationary retail outlets where you can buy ice cream and drinks, and on June 23 began working as a sports equipment rental.

Moscow parks prepared for the opening on 1 June

Moscow parks was put on the track layout to comply with social distance, organized the broadcast of alerts on compliance of necessary measures in the festivities and ready for the opening on 1 June, told RIA Novosti in the press service of Moorpark.

1 June in Moscow will be allowed walk in all urban areas, including in parks, on the condition that the visitors will have to follow certain rules of walking: wear protection and stick to the course.