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Two expelled from Moscow of Czech citizens left the territory of Russia

Two Czech citizens expelled from Moscow in response to the expulsion of two Russians from Prague, had already left the territory of the Russian Federation and are on your way home, said Wednesday the press-Secretary of the Czech foreign Ministry, Zuzana Stihova.

On Monday, Czech Ambassador in Moscow Vítězslav Pivonka was summoned to the foreign Ministry where he was informed that two citizens of the Czech Republic, working in Moscow, declared persona non grata and have 48 hours to leave the territory of the Russian Federation. These actions were taken in retaliation after expulsion in early June from Prague two Russian diplomats.

The Czech Republic has not yet offered a date for consultations with Russia, the foreign Ministry said

The Czech Republic has not yet offered a date for consultations with the Russian Federation on topical issues of bilateral relations, said in an interview with RIA Novosti first Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Titov.

Earlier, foreign Minister of the Czech Republic tomáš Petricek said that the Czech side expects consultations with Russia on the level of foreign Ministers on the basis of the Treaty relations between the two countries. Russia is ready for consultations was confirmed by the corresponding note of the Russian Embassy in Prague, at the Czech foreign Ministry, and a letter to the Czech Ambassador in Moscow.

Between the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary will open the free movement

Free movement of citizens between the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary opened from 12.00 (13.00 GMT) on Friday, Slovakia opened their borders to these countries on Thursday, the negotiations with Germany is still ongoing, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic tomáš Petricek.

"At an extraordinary meeting of the Czech government made the decision to open on a parity basis the borders with Austria and Hungary, with Slovakia is beginning to act Thursday. Negotiations with the German government are still ongoing, but citizens of the Czech Republic may from noon today to return from Germany without tests for coronavirus. And for German citizens while there are still conditions," said Petricek.

The citizens of the Czech Republic explained where they will be able to travel tests COVID-19

Citizens of the Czech Republic from 15 June you can visit on a parity basis, seven European countries without having to go before it tests for coronavirus, said Saturday foreign Minister of the Republic of Tomas Petricek.

"Our Department will be presented on Monday at session of the government system is a kind of traffic light, separating colors of the country that our citizens will be able to soon start to visit. For travel to seven countries in the green zone, they do not need any permission, including the indicators test for the coronavirus. These are Austria, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece and Bulgaria, the right to travel to these countries we want to open from the 15th of June," said Petricek reporters.