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The British authorities will be released from quarantine some sports stars and movie

The Ministry of culture, digital technologies, media and sport of great Britain gave the go-ahead to hold a number of sporting events and the resumption of filming certain films subject to strict compliance with the measures ordered in connection with the pandemic coronavirus.

"The Minister of culture announced that it had agreed to contracts that will enable safe passage this summer several international sporting events and the filming of some major TV and documentary projects that will provide greater support to the country and its economy", - stated in the transferred RIA Novosti news Agency the message of Department.

Tom cruise flew in to film in London for a couple of hours before the new restrictions

Tom cruise managed to land in London just a few hours before the entry into force of the regulations under which all arriving from abroad have to spend in quarantine for two weeks, reports The Sun.

The government has decided to introduce new restrictive measures on Monday, 8 June, and the 57-year-old Hollywood actor Tom cruise landed at the airport Biggin Hill in the suburbs of the British capital on Sunday evening.