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The mayor of Tirana and three deputies of the Parliament of Albania contracted the coronavirus

The mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj reported that his test COVID-19 positive coronavirus was also detected in three of deputies of the Parliament of Albania, who until Monday attended the meeting of the legislative Assembly.

The mayor of Tirana reported he identified the coronavirus on Tuesday in social networks.

Albania will resume flights from June 22

International flights will resume in Albania on 22 June, three months after the suspension of flights due to the spread of coronavirus, according to the newspaper Albanian Daily News, citing a government statement.

Albania has only one international airport located in the district of the capital Tirana, near the village of Rinas.

In Albania the number of victims of coronavirus has reached 35

In Albania the day showed a record 44 new cases COVID-19, the number of victims of coronavirus has reached 35, reported the Ministry of health of the country.

The previous record increase in the number of infected was recorded in Albania, on 9 June, when the day has revealed 42 new cases. The day before revealed 36 cases, which was also the highest figure since the start of the pandemic.