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In cjr assessed the request to reconsider the RT license to broadcast in Britain

A letter to the British shadow Minister for culture, Ofcom to reconsider the RT license for broadcasting in the UK is an example of double standards, on the basis of purely political interest, and in the case of the implementation of the requirements to solve the situation have in the judicial field, told RIA Novosti Secretary of the Union of journalists of Russia Timur Shafir.

RT reported that British shadow Minister of culture, digital technology, sports and the media, Joe Stevens addressed to the Executive Director of the media regulator Ofcom Melanie Dawes to reconsider the question of giving RT a license to broadcast in the country. This happened after the publication of the report of the British Parliament about the "intervention" of Russia in the Affairs of Britain. The Russian foreign Ministry said that the document does not contain evidence and specific facts. Glavred RT Margarita Simonyan, commenting on the statement by Joe Stevens recalled in his Telegram channel that Ofcom is the "independent" media regulator, on which the government should not in any way affect".

The Union of journalists of Russia told about the attacks by police in USA

Since the beginning of protests the US has recorded more than 500 cases of aggression on the part of law enforcement to address foreign journalists, told RIA Novosti Secretary of the Union of journalists of Russia Timur Shafir.

Previously RIA Novosti reported that Russian journalists were attacked by American police while covering protests in Portland. They filmed a report about the riots, which was besieged by the local court. The building housed the Federal law enforcement forces entered the city, despite the dissatisfaction of the local authorities. Both attacked the journalist was with the badges with the inscription "Press".