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Telegram filed in EC antitrust complaint on the App Store

The messenger Telegram filed a formal antitrust complaint to the European Commission to Apple about possible violations in the work of the App Store, reported the newspaper Financial Times, citing the complaint.

According to the publication, the complaint States that Apple should "allow users to be able to download the software not only from the App Store."

Apple and Google are disappointed with the decision of the United States by labor migrants

The heads of the American companies Google and Apple, Tim cook and Sundar Pichai expressed regret that the President of the United States Donald trump has signed a proclamation to suspend the issuance of a number of categories of work visas.

"This nation of immigrants, like Apple, has always found strength in our diversity, and hope is in the unchanging promise of the American dream. Without both of them cannot be prosperity. Deeply disappointed with this proclamation," wrote cook in his official Twitter account.

Apple has launched a program to combat racial inequality

American Corporation Apple has launched a program that will promote the ideas of racial equality and empowerment for people with skin color other than white, education and the economy, and allocated $ 100 million, said CEO Tim cook.

"Unfinished work to establish racial justice and equality calls us to account. The situation needs to change, and Apple is striving to become the driving force behind these changes. Today I'm proud to announce about the program Apple for racial equality and justice (Racial Equity and Justice Initiative) and the allocation of $ 100 million," wrote cook in his Twitter account.