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The expert explained what is protected Russia from hitting the United States via the North pole

Russia is reliably protected from the impacts of strategic aviation of the USA via the North pole with modern air defense systems, but the grouping of forces and means should be increased due to the increased activity of NATO in the Arctic, believes the military expert, chief editor of the magazine "national defense" Igor Korotchenko.

Informed military expert Vladislav Shurigin, commenting on the frequent flights of us strategic aircraft in the Arctic, reported the newspaper "Izvestia" that the United States work out the targeting of Russia is the shortest distance between the two countries via the North pole.

Air defense systems "tor-M2" will be deployed until 2027

Air defense systems "tor-M2" will arrive in the Russian army until 2027, said the head of the military defense of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation Lieutenant-General Alexander Leonov.

In particular, the defense Ministry and the plant "Kupol" signed last year a contract for 100 billion rubles for the supply of "tor-M2" to the troops.