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The source explained how the EU could circumvent the WTO ruling on the dispute with Russia

The EU may appeal the decision of the world trade organization in a dispute with Russia over energy adjustments, however, until the WTO appellate body has not been formed, to examine such applications will be nobody, but to execute the decision of the arbitrators will not have, told RIA Novosti source shopping in Geneva.

"Both the EU and Russia can appeal, but, as you know, in the appellate body are not enough judges to consider the appeal", — said the Agency interlocutor. Thus, according to him, any appeal will go though nowhere until you have assigned a new judge. But if none of the parties do not appeal, the decision of the panel of arbitrators will be assigned and the EU will have to implement it.

The WTO has supported Russia in the dispute with the EU over energy adjustments

The panel of arbitrators of the world trade organization supported the position of Russia in a dispute with the European Union on the methodology anti-dumping measures.

The WTO agreed with Moscow that the EU principles of price determination in anti-dumping investigations violate the rules of the organization.

Turkmenistan received WTO observer status

Turkmenistan received the status of observer in the world trade organization, said on Wednesday the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic.

"The twenty-second of July 2020 at the headquarters of the world trade organization in Geneva held a regular meeting of the WTO General Council, which examined the application of Turkmenistan for observer status in the organization," - said on the website of the Turkmen foreign Ministry.